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How Equifax's Data Breech Will Cost Ratechasers And DA Users Especially
Posted by: senda | 9 votes | 1 comment
Because of the data breech at Equifax, it's highly recommended for everyone to FREEZE their credit at all 3 agencies (maddening as it is that us consumers are being forced to pay f... read more
When Banks Compete, You Win
Posted by: Bozo | 4 votes | 1 comment
OK, we've all seen the ads on TV for LendingTree (which, as I understand now owns this site). When Ken announced the acquisition, I assumed we'd shortly be seeing LendingTree launc... read more
Gosh It Is Slow
Posted by: Kaight | 8 votes | 5 comments
Things are so slow now where CD deals are concerned. Wake me up after Labor Day. At least I hope things will pick up by then and we get some great CD deals.... read more
Northwest FCU Gets A New CEO/President
Posted by: me1004 | 4 votes | 2 comments
There has been a changing of the guard at Northwest Federal Credit Union, Jeff Bentley is taking over as the new CEO and president. With new leadership, one will always have to wo... read more
REBUILD Credit ?
Posted by: 2010MM | 1 vote | 1 comment
How can I, just, simply, start over, by building new credit .... read more
CD Redemption
One thing to consider in choosing a bank to open a CD with is how fast the money will be available upon CD redemption. When redeeming a CD with Barclays they moved the CD proceeds ... read more
Impending Inflation Number
Posted by: Kaight | 8 votes | 2 comments
Keep a "weather eye" tomorrow (Friday) as the Fed releases its latest inflation number. Inflation in 2017 so far has been running at roughly 1.5%, significantly below the Fed's 2% ... read more
Consumers Credit Union System Conversion Fri 9/1 - Mon 9/4/17
Received this email today: "Consumers Credit Union is always looking for ways to improve the Member experience. In order to continually expand our capabilities, we are moving to a... read more
Speaking Of Scams, Be Wary Of HVAC "Rebates"
Posted by: Bozo | 5 votes | 2 comments
My wife's cell-phone (which is unpublished) was recently used by an agency purportedly offering "rebates" for HVAC upgrades. My wife met with the representative about 30 minutes ag... read more
DISCOVER Card Issues.
My discover card expired end of July. I contacted discover a few days prior to expiration date because I had not received my new updated card. They responded with some excuse about... read more