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Advancial CU - Easy Membership - Connex

JKomarow | | 1 posts since 2015

Ken lists Advcancial CU as having easy membership and says that one can become a member by jointing connex. I am confused about the reference to "connex." Is that a credit union or some other organization?

alan1 | | 77 posts since 2015
It's a different organization. You can join during the process of applying for membership in Advancial.
Bozo | | 859 posts since 2011
I noted the details over in the Blog. It's not intuitively obvious, but it's painless. They will e-mail you the application forms, one will be prefilled "Connex", and that serves as your application. Send in $10, $5 for Connex, $5 for the share certificate.