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What Is The Meaning Of A Texas Ratio Of INF% ?????

para25 | | 3 posts since 2011

The State Bank of India is offering a One year CD to Senior Citizens, with a return of 1.61%, minimum deposit of $100,000 required

My concern is that the Texas Ratio is listed as INF%, what does this mean ??

Health information is also not available.



Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin | | 5,935 posts since 2009
The FDIC call reports don’t provide the financial information for banks like State Bank of India that the FDIC categorizes as "U.S. branch of a Foreign Institution". We use the financials in the call reports to calculate the Texas ratios and other health scores. I assume BestCashCow has the same issue and may not have taken into account the lack of info.

You can see the info that the FDIC does include using the link and certificate numbers that CTM provided (Thanks CTM).

For more information about these types of banks, please refer to this article.
CTM | | 63 posts since 2010
It means there is an error in the Best Cash Cow web site!

Go to FDIC.GOV and look for certificate numbers 33664, 33682 or 23998.
The FDIC is an authoritative web site.