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Take advantage of the knowledgeable community by asking your banking question here. You might first review past questions and answers via the Frequently Asked Questions links and search box below. Thank you to all community members who contribute their knowledge and experiences to help point others in the right direction!

Frequently Asked Questions

FDIC Coverage on Identity Theft Investing in International CDs
What Happens to CD Upon Death? Effect of Rising Interest Rates on CDs
IRA CD Distribution or Transfer Selling Brokered CDs
Inheritance Taxes and POD Accounts Track Down Old CD from Closed Bank
Annuities as Alternative to CDs Historical Bank Statements – How Far Back

Latest Questions

Is It True We Cannot Have A Contigent Beneficiary On Certain POD Accounts?
Posted by: paoli2 | 2 votes | 9 answers
I was wondering how others handle a certain problem I incurred today at a local bank. I opened a promotional Money Market account for a large amount since I needed it to be a liqui... read more
Fraudulent Bank/CU Transactions From Equifax Stolen Info?
Hi, Does anyone know if banks or CUs will allow transactions like wiring money to an outside bank account with just the information stolen from Equifax (SSN, birthdate, etc)? Or w... read more
EWP Free Distributions From IRA Cds For Folks Over 70 Years Of Age
Which financial institutions offer early withdrawal penalty free distributions from IRA CDs for folks over 70 years of age?... read more
Should I Freeze My Credit
Posted by: hank | 3 votes | 1 answer
article in today's New York times recommends using a credit freeze. https://nytimes.com/2017/09/08/your-money/identity-theft/equifaxs-instructions-are-confusing-heres-what-to-d... read more
New Money To Open A CD
My local TCF bank has a good offer for 1 and 2 year CDs. It require new money. All my money are in low paying accounts at the same bank. Any advice on getting a better rates that r... read more
For The Financial Planners Out There
Posted by: Bozo | 10 votes | 11 answers
For your joke of the week, my wife and I just hit 70, and figured financial planning might be warranted. We called the in-house "wealth management" division of our local bank, and ... read more
Hurricane Harvey
What effects can be expected other then just higher gasoline prices?... read more
QCD Issues
Posted by: Anon456 | 2 votes | 1 answer
I'm still a few years away from RMD. I'm luck to have some assets, but tax planning is a bitch. Between investments, SS, and RMD, I will be hitting the added taxes of IRMAA. One... read more
Heads Up On Statefarmbank
Posted by: Bozo | 6 votes | 6 answers
Just received a letter from the home office that local StateFarm representatives (i.e., your local agents) would no longer be able to sell CDs. Talk about a debby-downer. For years... read more
Must-Join Credit Unions
Posted by: rhutnik | 6 votes | 9 answers
What credit inions are part of your personal "must join" list? I joined the American Consimer Council (for Andrews FCU eligibility) for free with a promo code, and I was trying to ... read more