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Bank Deals Blog - 2017

September 2017

12thCD Rates Summary September 12, 2017
SFGI Direct Increases Savings Account Rate (1.31% APY)
UFB Direct Boosts Money Market Savings To 1.41% APY
CapFed Savings Bank Traditions CD Specials - This Week Only
11thCIT Bank's Premier High Yield Savings Now Earns 1.35% APY
American Heritage FCU Has Nationally Available 48-Month CD (2.26% APY)
9thHow to Handle Your Cash in a Natural Disaster
Truity Credit Union Adds 24-Month Bump CD
8thNew Nationally Available CD Specials At Veridian Credit Union
7thWashington Federal (IL) Offers Money Market Special, 1.70% APY
Adventure Credit Union (MI) Offers 23-Month CD Special (2.05% APY)
6thHanover Community Bank (NYC) Offers Promo CD Rates
Firelands FCU (OH) Unveils 36-month Promo CD (2.06% APY)
5thBest Bank Account Interest Rates - Summary for September 5, 2017
First National Bank (PA) Adds 13-month CD Special (1.75% APY)
Service Credit Union Adds 30-Month CD Special (2.05% APY)
4thUSALLIANCE Financial Ups Long Term Certificate Account Rates
Mercantil Commercebank (FL/TX) Now Offers Online Smart CDs
3rdWhy You Need to Keep Your Eyes on Your Checks
2ndEverBank Ups Guaranteed Money Market Rate (1.31% APY)
1stAnother Savings Account Rate Hike at Ally - MM Rate Up, But Still Low
INOVA FCU Offers 2.00% APY On Nationally Available 30-Month CD
Signal Financial FCU Raises 24-Month Bump-Up CD Rate

August 2017

31stGS Bank Ups CD Rates with Largest Gains on Long-Term CDs
PathFinder Bank (NY) Adds 17-Month Fall CD Special
30thRepublic Bank (Chicago) Adds 19-Month CD Special
Air Force FCU Offers Competitive 1- and 2-Year CDs Nationwide
29thArgentine Federal Savings (KS) Adds 7-Month CD Special (2.25% APY)
28thVirtualBank Ups eCD Rates
First Ipswich Bank (MA) Raises 30-Month CD Special Rate
26thMember One FCU (VA) Raises 14-Month CD Rate (1.60% APY)
25thCapital One Increases 360 Money Market Rate
Discover Bank Adds New $150 or $200 Savings Bonuses
Kemba CU (OH/KY/IN) Unveils 66-Month Special CD (2.75% APY)
24thIC FCU (MA) Adds 1-Year Relationship CD Special
Northfield Bank (NJ/NY) Adds In-Branch 14-Month CD
Nationwide Bank Hikes Savings Account Rate (1.30% APY)
23rdBankers Trust Company (IA/AZ) Has 10-Month Promo CD (1.60% APY)
TCF Bank Adds Promo CDs and Elite Savings Account
22ndGiftsforBanking.com Offers Competitive 2-Year CD (1.85% APY)
United Bank's Online Advantage MMA 1.36% APY Guaranteed For 6 Months
21stComparing Rates: Brokered CDs vs. Direct CDs
Langley FCU Has Nationally Available 60-Month CD (2.53% APY)
Regions Bank Has $200 LifeGreen Checking Bonus
18thCIT Bank Increases Rate on 11-Month No-Penalty CD
Salem Five Direct Offers 1.35% APY On New eOne Savings Accounts
Old Missouri Bank Offers Limited-Time 19-Month CD
Mutual Federal Bank (IL) Raises 1-Year CD Rate To 1.62% APY
17thGeorgetown Bank (MA/NH) Adds Classic CD Specials
Bank of Sun Prairie (WI) Offers 24-month CD Promo
16thMountain America CU Unveils Term Deposit Plus With Add-On Feature
Island FCU (NY) Adds 11-Month Certificate Special
15thRed Rocks CU (CO) Has Limited-Time 12- and 24-Month CDs
14thFirst Bank of Tennessee Ups 60-Month CD Rate
Earn Up to $500 in Checking Bonuses at Popular Community Bank
13thWhat Does It Mean When Your Credit Union Goes Into Conservatorship?
12thPacific National Bank Nationally Available 12-month CD
11thAtlantic Stewardship Bank Has Nationally Available 20-Month CD
River Valley CU (OH) Adds 50 bps To Kasasa Cash Account
10thUSALLIANCE Adds Cooperative Rewards CD Specials
Citizens Community CU (ND/MN) Adds 280-912 Days Lifestyle CD
9thMutualOne Bank Again Offers Nationwide 61-Month CD
Grow Financial FCU Adds 50 bps to 30-35 Month CD
8thLive Oak Bank Ups Savings Account Rate
Primary Bank (New England) Adds 2-Year Anniversary CD
7thWright-Patt CU (OH) Has Limited-Time 19-Month CD Special
Wasatch Peaks CU (UT) Raises 60-Month CD Rate
5thCornerstone Financial CU (TN/KY) Hikes 36-Month Certificate Rates
4thPurePoint Financial Raises Online Savings Rate
University of Iowa CCU Ups 16-Month CD Special Rates
3rdGTE Financial Ups Nationally Available Long-Term CDs
2ndTEXAR FCU (TX/AR) Ups 18-month Share Certificate Rate
Indiana Members CU Boosts 84-Month CD Rate
1stMountain America Credit Union Raises 5-Year CD Rate
M&T Bank Offers Money Market Guaranteed For 3 Months

July 2017

31stNavy Fed’s New Competitive Special Certificate: 5-Month ($10K Max)
Horizon CU (WA/ID/MT) Ups 15-Month Special CD Rate
Northern Bank Direct Ups Money Market Account Rate
30thAre You Ready for a Cashless Society?
29thFirst Bank & Trust (IL) Ups 14-Month Jumbo CD Special
28thAnother Savings Account Rate Increase at SFGI Direct
My e-BAnC's 12-Month Flex Time Deposit Has 2 Penalty-Free Withdrawals
Michigan Schools & Government CU Ups 18-month CD Rate
27thWashington Trust (RI/CT/MA) Adds 18-Month Promo CD
KS StateBank Ups Rates On Nationally Available 1-and 2-year CDs
26thFed Holds Rates Steady - Will Deposit Rate Increases Continue?
Advancial's Jumbo Certificates ($50k min) Offer Top Rates
EFCU Financial (LA) Offers 84-Month Super 7 Variable Rate CD
25thAnother Savings Account Rate Increase at Barclays
Michigan State Univ FCU Raises 5-year Jumbo CD Rate
24thGlobal Bank (NYC) Offers 18-Month CD Special
Veridian CU Is Back On The Big List Of Credit Unions Anyone Can Join
First Community CU (MO/IL) Ups 24-Month CD Rate
23rdCan Merchants Require a Minimum Purchase for Debit Cards?
22ndThird Federal S&L Ups Rate On 49-Month CD Special
21stVeridian Credit Union Raises Rates On CD Specials
Veridian Credit Union's Easy Membership Status
National Bank of NYC Ups Rate On 18-23 Month CD
20thEnergy CU (MA) Boosts Rate On 24-Month CD
Amboy Direct 12-month Add-on eSavings CD Available Nationwide
Red River CU (TX/AR) Ups Rate On 18-Month CD
19thEpBooks.us July 2017 Rate Trends
Northeast CU (NH/ME) Elite Checking Earns 4.00% APY Up To $15k
Blue Hills Bank (MA) Adds Two Limited-Time Bump Up CDs
18thSynchrony Bank Increases Savings Account Rate Again
Frankenmuth CU (MI) Features 13-Month CD Special
Pioneer FCU (ID) Adds 13-Month And 25-Month CD Specials
17thRadius Bank Raises High Yield Savings Rate
Pioneer Valley FCU Offers 49-Month CD Special
ConnectOne Bank (NJ/NY) Adds 15-month CD Special
16thCFPB Final Rules on Forced Arbitration Fuels Debate
14thCrestmark Bank Has Top-Rate, Nationally Available CDs
Another Savings Account Rate Hike at American Express Bank
First Citizens Bank Offers $200 Checking Bonus
13thBankDirect's Money Market Account Review
Evergreen Bank Group (IL) Adds 17-Month CD Special
DollarSavingsDirect Offers Highest Savings Account Rate
Space City CU (TX) Has Limited-Time 2-Year CD Special
12thSallieMae Bank Raises Money Market And 60-Month CD Rates
Institution for Savings (MA) Adds Super Money Market
IH Mississippi Valley CU (IA/IL) Ups Rate On 48-Month CD
11thBarclays Increases Online CD Rates
First National Bank Adds $150 Checking Bonus (Expired)
University of Iowa CCU Adds 16-, 26- and 35-Month CD Specials
10thCIT Bank Debuts New Savings Account with Bonus and New No-Penalty CD
InvesTex CU (TX) Offers Promo Rates On 3-, 4-,and 5-Year CDs
Elements Financial Ups Rates on 34- and 54-month Rate Climber CDs
9thDebate Continues Over New Fiduciary Rule
8thUS Bank Offers $200 Summer Checking Bonus
7thLive Oak Bank (Internet Bank) Ups Savings Account Rate
MidSouth Community FCU (GA) iChecking Earns Up To 5.01% APY
6thBBVA Compass Offers Money Market Promotional Rates Nationwide
Adventure CU (MI) Adds 13-Month CD Special
Signal Financial FCU Adds Premium Money Market
5thService CU Unveils 11-Month Certificate Special
ELGA CU (MI) Adds Kasasa Saver
4thAlbany B&T (Chicago) Ups Rates On 15- And 36-month CD Promos
3rdBMO Harris Bank Adds CD Specials (Checking Relationship)
Popular Direct's Short-Term CDs Enjoy Top Rates
TIAA Direct's CD Rates Upped To Competitive Levels
2ndWhat You Need to Know About POD and ITF Accounts
1stAlliant Credit Union Raises Savings Account Rate

June 2017

30thEBSB Direct Reopens Money Market Special 3
Ally Bank Ups Savings Account Rate to Highest Level Since 2010
First Internet Bank Raises All CD Rates Yet Again
29thBank Of Internet USA Ups Rate On 60-Month CD
Winter Hill Bank's 20-Month CD Puts Sizzle In Your Summer
28thLandmark Credit Union (WI) Ups 13- and 25- CD Special Rates
Nationwide Bank Adds 41 Basis Points To 12-Month CD
27thCapital One Raises 360 Money Market Rate
Popular Direct Raises 2-Year CD Rate
26thState Bank of Texas Ups Jumbo MMDA Rate
TIAA Direct Syncs CD Rates With EverBank Following Acquisition
Springfield First Community Bank (MO) Adds 13-Month CD Special
24thBankDirect Hikes Money Market Rate By 101 Basis Points
23rdINSBANK (TN) Adds Nationally Available 23-month CD
Ion Bank (CT) Adds 19-Month CD Special
22ndWright-Patt CU (OH) Raises 6-11 Month Share Certificate Rate
All America Bank's Mega Money Market Now Earns 1.50% APY ($35k Max)
21stBTH Bank (TX) Offers Worry-Free CDs
Camden National Bank (ME/NH) Has Up To $300 In Checking Bonuses
20thAlly Bank Again Increases the Rate on Its 11-Month No Penalty CD
Rate Hike and Review of the American Express Bank’s Savings Account
Denmark State Bank (WI) Adds New 39-month CD
19thSFGI Direct Ups Rate On Savings Account
Barclays Increases Online Savings Account Rate
Royal Bank (Chicago) Adds 7-Month CD
Home Loan Investment Bank (RI/MA/CT) Raises 5-Year CD Rate
18thWhat You Need to Know About Zelle, the New Player in Peer-to-Peer Payments
17thFerguson FCU (MS) Starts Summer With 24-Month CD Special
16thTriangle CU (NH/MA) Adds 9-Month CD Special
SallieMae Bank Ups Money Market Account Rate
Amboy Direct (NJ) Raises 12-Month Add-On eSavings CD
15thBTH Bank (TX) Hikes Worry-Free Money Market Rates
My e-BAnC Increases Super Saver Rate
Partnering Up with LendingTree!
14thThird Fed Rate Hike in Six Months - What To Expect from Deposit Rates
Nationwide Bank (Internet Bank) Member Checking Now Earns 1.15% APY
13thFor Top Rates, Can Credit Unions Compete?
INOVA FCU Offers 42-Month Certificate of Appreciation
NorthPointe Notifies Customers of New Ultimate Checking Requirement
Live Oak Bank (Internet Bank) Adds Savings Account
Citadel (PA) Raises Rates On Longer Term CDs
12thSperry FCU (NY) Ups 18-Month CD Rate
Teachers FCU (NY) Adds 15-Month CD Special
11thAlly Bank’s 11-Month No Penalty CD Rate at Highest Level Since 2010
How to Keep Thieves From Taking Over Your Bank Account
10thFirst Tennessee Offers $150 Checking Bonus
9thFinancial Health Grades Updated from 2017 Q1 FDIC and NCUA Reports
Texas Exchange Bank Has 12-Month New Money CD
Discover Bank Ups Savings and MM Rates: Second Increase in Two Months
Four BOKF, N.A. Banks Offer $150 Checking Bonus
8thM.Y. Safra Bank Boosts Rates On Online CD Specials
Northpointe Bank Adds Nationally Available 15-Month CD Special
Liberty Bank (CT) Adds In-Branch 18-Month Promo CD
7thNorthfield Bank (NJ/NY) Adds Online CDs
GS Bank’s First Rate Increase of Its Online Savings Account
First Internet Bank Ups Rates On Short-Term CDs
6thBarclays Increases 1-Year and 2-Year Online CD Rates
United FCU Continues Limited-Time Share Certificate Specials
5thCompetitive 15-Month CD Special at Synchrony Bank
Michigan One CCU Raises Rate On 12-Month Special CD
Self-Help FCU's Money Market Rate Jumps Up
3rdMembers Choice CU (TX) Ups 18-Month CD Special To 1.70% APY
2ndFirstBank (AZ/CA/CO) Extends $200 Anywhere Account Bonus
Kinecta FCU Adds 30-Month CD and Jumbo CD
Northwest FCU Ups Rates On 1- And 2-Year Share Certificates
1stLarge Banks vs. Small Banks – Who Offers the Better Rates?
McGraw-Hill FCU Has New 24- and 60-month Promo Certificates
Synchrony Bank Increases High Yield Savings Account Rate
Security State Bank (KS) Promotes Kasasa Cash

May 2017

31stNew Free Checking Finder Tool on EpBooks
Indiana Members CU Has Competitive 84-month CD
Cross River Bank (NJ/NY/CT) Hikes Rate On Money Market Account
30thDirect FCU (MA) Promotes 21-month CD And Jumbo CD
29thClifton Savings Bank (NJ) Introduces Rate Raiser™ Checking
Patriot FCU (PA/MD) Offers Dividend Checking
28thHow Safe is Your Safe Deposit Box?
Sixth Bank Failure of 2017: Fayette County Bank, Saint Elmo, Illinois
27thHeritage Community CU (CA) Adds Kasasa Cash
26thableBanking Raises Money Market Savings Account Rate
NASB Has Nationally Available 24-month CD w/Checking
Appalachian Community FCU Offers 72-Month CD
25thJoin Us for a Deep Dive into J.D. Power’s 2017 Bank Ratings
NEFCU (NY) Hikes 18-Month CD Rate
Blue Gate Bank (CA) Adds Money Market
24thState Bank of Texas 12-Month Jumbo CD Available Nationwide
Pelican State CU (LA/AR/TX/MS) Boost Rates On Long-Term CDs
23rdChemical Bank (MI/OH/IN) Marks 100 Years With 15-Month CD Special
22ndBethpage FCU's 25-month CD Is Available Nationwide
Five Star Bank (NY) Adds 8-Month CD Special
20thHome Savings Bank (UT) Has Nationally Available 12mo CD
19thKS StateBank Boosts Rates On All Nationwide Online Jumbo CDs
Chesapeake Bank (VA) Has Competitive Short-Term CDs
Bankwell Bank (CT) Promotes Smart Savings and Smart Money Market
18thBlue Ridge Bank (MO/KS) Raises Rate on Maximum Yield Checking
Popular Community Bank (NY/NJ/FL) Ups Special CD Rates
17thSalem Five Direct's eOne Savings Rate Guaranteed To 7/1/18
First Republic Bank Adds 28-Month CD Special
16thDollarSavingsDirect Raises Dollar Savings Account Rate
Numerica CU (WA/ID) Has 13-Month CD For New Members
15thEpBooks.us May 2017 Rate Trends
Ally Bank Increases Rates of 1-Year CD and 2-Year Raise Your Rate CD
Ulster Savings Bank (NY) Adds 20-Month Promo CD
Navy Fed Ends a Backdoor Way To Qualify for Membership
Shell FCU (TX) Raises Rate On 60-Month Share Certificate
14thChime Bank Is Throwing Banking Traditions to the Wind
13thiGObanking Hikes 18-Month CD Rate
12thMining for Gold Among the 100+ Credit Unions Anyone Can Join
Ally Adds Brokerage and Investments Services To Its Website
First National Bank (UT) Has $200 Bonus For New Easy Checking Account
PlainsCapital Bank (TX) Adds Three Short-Term CD Specials
11thM.Y. Safra Bank Adds Direct Online Money Market
First Green Bank (FL) Offers 22-Month Hybrid Flex CD
United Educators CU Has Nationally Available Kasasa Cash/Saver
10thInstitution for Savings (MA) Promotes Two Long-Term CDs
BMO Harris Bank's $200 Checking Bonus Available Nationwide
9thMore CD Rate Hikes at Synchrony Bank
New Internet Bank (CD Bank) Offers Competitive CD Rates
ASI FCU (LA) Offers Competitive Long-Term CDs
8th1st United CU (CA) 24-month CD Has Bump-Up And Add-On Options
Northpointe Bank's UltimateAccount Raises Limit To $10k
Westerra CU (CO) Hikes Rate on 25-Month Bump-Up/Add-On CD
7th5th Bank Failure of 2017: Guaranty Bank with 119 Branches in 5 States
6thCapital Credit Union (WI) Ups Rate On ChaChing Checking
5thCIT Bank’s New Savings Account Offers Up To $400 Bonus
Veridian CU Adds Nationally Available CD Specials
Earn Up To $200 With WesBanco's Latest Checking Bonus
4thGS Bank Raises CD Rates for the Second Time in the Last Month
Bayer Heritage FCU Raises Long-Term CD Rates Again
First Federal Lakewood (OH) Money Market 1 Year Guarantee
3rdFed Holds Rates Steady - Deposit Strategies as Rates Gradually Rise
UFB Direct Adds New Premium Savings Account
Barclays Increases Rates on Most of Its CDs
Ent CU (CO) Celebrates 60 Years With 13-Month CD
2ndBankPurely Is the New Internet Savings Account Rate Leader
IncredibleBank Increases Rate On Savings Account
River Valley CU (OH) Adds 15- and 27-Month CD Specials
5Star Bank Offers Kasasa Product Line Nationwide
1stNew Savings Bonds Rates - I Bond Fixed Rate Stays at 0%
Navy Federal CD Update: 17-Month Special Ends, Standard Rates Up
Earn Up To $300 in Bonuses At Associated Bank (WI)
America First CU (UT) Raises 60-Month CD Rate

April 2017

30thLarge Louisiana Bank Fails - Update on 2017 Bank and CU Failures
29thEarn Up To $300 In Bonuses At Cornerstone Bank (GA)
28thUnited Texas Bank Adds 24-Month CD
Star One Credit Union (CA) Raises Rates On Three Liquid Accounts
27thCD Investing: Do I Really Need Another Credit Union?
Associated Credit Union of Texas Has Competitive Premier Checking
PathFinder Bank (NY) Promotes 18-Month CD Special
26thDiscover Bank Increases Savings Account Rate To 5-Year High
OneWest Bank Offers $200 Checking Bonus
USALLIANCE Financial Adds 36-Month High Yield CD
25thPublic Service CU (CO) Has Limited-Time Promo 21-Month CD
24thSandy Spring Bank (MD/VA) Has $150 Checking Bonus
Randolph Savings Bank Offers Apex Checking In New England And Florida
Horizon Credit Union Has 13- And 26-Month Special Certificates
22ndBlackhawk Community Credit Union (WI) Adds 6-Year CD
21stSmartyPig Boosts Rate On SmartyPig Savings
Providence Bank (MO/IL) Raises Rates On CD Specials
Ally Bank Ups Savings Account Rate to Highest Level Since 2011
Heritage South CU's (AL) Premium Rewards Checking Earns 3.00% APY
20thBrick & Mortar Banking – Are Branches Actually in Decline?
Discover Bank Has $100 Bonus On New Online Savings
No Penalty 18-Month CD Available At Asian Bank (PA)
SouthEast Bank (TN) Adds Two CD Specials
19thApril Series I Savings Bonds - Good Deal Compared to CDs
Celebrate With NorthWest FCU's 30-Month Certificate
CenterBank (OH) Adds 17-Month Anniversary Special CD
$200 Checking Bonus Available At Bryn Mawr Trust (PA/DE)
18thMutualOne Bank Offers 61-Month CD Nationwide
Georgia Banking Company Has New Kasasa Cash/Saver
17thAlly Bank Ups 5-Year CD Rate to Highest Level Since 2011
McGraw-Hill FCU Has New 19- and 33-month CD Specials
First Bank & Trust (IL) Adds 14-month Jumbo CD Special
CFG Community Bank Adds Relationship Money Market
Citibank Offers $500 Checking Bonus
15thGreater Nevada CU's Aspire Checking Earns 3.00% APY Up To $15k
Citizens Bank Offers Competitive 15-Month CD w/Checking
14thEpBooks.us April 2017 Rate Trends
Beverly Bank (MA) Ups 48-Month CD Rate
WyHy FCU (WY) Nearly Doubles APY On SmartRewards Checking
13thNew Charts For Showing Rate Trends at EpBooks
Police And Fire FCU (PA/DE/NJ) Ups 9-Month Certificate Rate
iGObanking Boosts 24- And 36-Month iGOCD Rates
TruWest CU (AZ/TX) Debuts Limited-Time 9-Month CD
12thJetStream FCU (FL/PR) Has Three Competitive CD Specials
Eastbank, N.A. (NYC) Again Offers Short-Term CD Specials
Old Missouri Bank Adds Kasasa Cash And Kasasa Saver
University of Iowa CCU 26-Month CD Special Earns 2.00% APY
11thBTH Bank (TX) Boosts Worry-Free Money Market Rate
10thUS Postal Service FCU Has 12-month e-Certificate
Hanscom FCU Has 48-Month Certificate (With Checking)
Fifth Third Bank Again Offers $200 Checking Bonus
9thThe Dime Bank (PA/NY/NJ) Adds 24 Basis Points To Kasasa Cash
8thCapital One Offers $200 Bonus For New 360 Money Market Account
Signal Financial FCU Has Limited-Time Promo Rate CDs
7thBayer Heritage FCU Adds 25 Basis Points To Long-Term CDs
Northern Bank Direct Debuts Competitive Money Market and CD Rates
KEMBA FCU Adds March Madness 60-Month CD w/Relationship
Hudson Valley FCU (NY) Adds 36-Month CD With Two Possible Rate Hikes
6thDollarSavingsDirect Boosts Dollar Savings Account Rate
TD Bank Offers Online $150 and $300 Checking Bonuses
West Town B&T (IL/NC) Offers 1-Year Guaranteed APY On Checking
5thAmboy Direct's 12-Month CD Has Additional Deposit Option
CIT Bank Ups Bonus To $400 On High Yield Savings
PNC Bank Extends $300 Checking Bonus Through June 30, 2017
4thSelf-Help FCU (Easy Membership) Ups Money Market Rate
SunTrust Bank Again Extends Three Checking Bonuses
3rdOdd-Term CDs Are All the Rage in This Rising Rate Environment
VirtualBank Increases Short-Term CD Rates
Alliant CU (Easy Membership) Increases Savings Account APY
NASA FCU Offers 49-Month CD Special
Justice FCU Offers 24-Month CD Special
2ndSantander Bank Extends $225 Checking Bonus
1stAlly Bank Increases Rates on 9-Month CD and 11-Month No Penalty CD
PenFed Ups CD Rates with Competitive Mid-Term CD Rates
MidFirst Direct Raises Rates on Shorter Term CDs
Primary Bank (NH) Adds Choice Money Market w/Guaranteed Rate

March 2017

31stMy e-BAnC Raises Jumbo Time Deposit Rates
Service CU Celebrates 60 Years With 60-Month CD Special
30thConnexus CU Offers $100 Best Buy® E-Gift Card With New Checking
AloStar Bank Of Commerce Ups 12-Month CD Rate (Very Mild EW Penalty)
29thConnexus Credit Union Adds Top-Rate 12-, 24-, And 36-Month CDs
Triangle Credit Union (NH/MA) Features Three CD Specials
Patelco CU (CA) Adds 75 Basis Points To 60-Month CD
28thWatch Hill Bank (OH) Adds 12-Month CD Special
27th1st Colonial Community Bank (NJ) Has Competitive 36-Month CD
NEFCU's (NY) 5-Year Certificate's APY Hits Five Year High
Popular Direct (Internet Bank) Ups 3-Year CD Rate
26thWhy You Need to Be Careful With Large Cash Bank Deposits
25thHanover Community Bank (NY) Celebrates With New CDs
Windsor Locks FCU (CT) Ups Rate On 5-Year CD and Jumbo CD
24thFirst Central Direct Has Nationally Available 36-Month CD
Ally Bank Increases Rates on 1-Year, 5-Year and Raise Your Rate CDs
Bankers Trust Company (IA/AZ) Adds 9-21 Pick-A-Term CD
Vibrant Credit Union (IL/IA) To Add High Interest Checking In April
23rdSharePoint CU (MN) Has "Sweet Savings" With New CD Specials
22ndNeighborhood CU (TX) Doubles Kasasa Cash Balance Cap To $50k
New Internet Bank, PurePoint Financial, Debuts Top National Rate
Cyprus CU (UT) Ups Rate On 60-Month CD and 48-Month CD
Wright-Patt CU (OH) Adds 25-Month CD Special
21stSynchrony Bank Increases CD Rates to Very Competitive Levels
20thEvansville Teachers FCU's Vertical Dividend Checking Available Nationwide
Idaho Central CU Features 60-Month Promo CD
Newton Federal Bank (GA) Now Offers Kasasa Cash State Wide
18thWashington Savings Bank (PA) Boosts 60-Month CD Rate
17thCornerstone Bank (NE) Adds 17-Month Jump-Up CD
Neighborhood CU (TX) Offers 17-Month Online Add-On CD
16thMercantil Commercebank (FL/TX) Adds More Smart CD Specials
Crescent CU (MA) Adds 25- And 37-Month CD Specials
15thAnother Fed Rate Hike - What Savers Should Expect in 2017
New Buffalo Savings Bank Has 24-Month Bump Rate CD Nationwide
14thHow Have the Recent Fed Hikes Affected Different Deposit Rates
Big CD Rate Hikes at Capital One, Including 5-Year CD
MIDFLORIDA CU Celebrates Merger With 5-Year CD
13thLakeside Bank (Chicago) Has New Kasasa Cash Account
First United CU (MI) Adds "Sky's The Limit" CD Specials
M.Y. Safra Bank Features Online Special CDs
11thFlorida Community Bank Offers 4-Month Rate Guarantee On MMAs
$150 Gift Card Could Be Yours At Hancock/Whitney Bank
10thCD Investing: Revisiting Brokered CDs
Diversified CU (MN) Features 15- And 60-Month CD Specials
9thFinancial Health Grades Updated from Q4 FDIC and NCUA Reports
Seneca Savings (NY) Offers 13-Month CD
Directions Credit Union (OH/MI) Has Competitive CD Specials
8thMajor Credit Union Project (and New CU Resources) at EpBooks
Great Lakes Credit Union Has Limited Time 18-Month CD Special
McGraw-Hill FCU Adds Ascend Account (Money Market)
Wells Fargo Offers Easy $250 Checking Bonus
7thFirst Central Savings Bank Offers Competitive Money Market Rate
Liberty Bank (CT) Has 21-Month CD Special and $100 Checking Bonus
6thAlly Bank Raises Its 5-Year High Yield CD Rates
American United FCU Ups Bump Option 36-Month CD Rate
Bank of the West Offers $150 And $300 Checking Bonuses
4thFirstBank (FL/PR) Features 29-Month CD
3rdIRA CD Specials Available At First National Bank Of Long Island
EverBank Raises 1-Year CD Rate - Tied for Top Internet Bank CD
HSBC Offers Limited-Time 5-Month Promo CD
AgFed Credit Union Brings Back 30-Month No Penalty CD
2ndCollins CCU Adds New 15- And 28-Month Certificate Specials
M&T Bank $150 Checking Bonus Extended
Earn $200 Checking Bonus At BMO Harris Bank
1stCredit Union of New Jersey Has Nationwide Money Market
Firstmark Credit Union (TX) Adds Limited-Time 18- And 30-Month CDs
Capital One Raises 1-Year 360 CD Rate to Competitive Level
Mercantil Commerce Bank (FL/TX) Adds More "Smart" CDs

February 2017

28thEarn $100 With A New Gesa Credit Union (WA) Checking Account
Money FCU (NY) Features 6-Month CD
27thPatelco Credit Union (CA) Offers 3-Year CD
25thMy e-BAnC Adds Super Saver and Ups 12-Month CD Rates
24thTriangle Credit Union (NH/MA) Hikes 28-Month CD Special Rate
Arbor Financial Credit Union (MI) Has "Lucky 7" 7-Month CD Special
Earn Up To $300 In Bonuses At OceanFirst Bank (NJ)
23rdFirst Internet Bank Boosts All CD Rates
22ndPrimary Bank (NH) Has Limited Time 2- And 4-Year Choice CDs
Sandy Spring Bank (MD/VA) Ups 27-Month Premier CD Special Rate
21stGreater Iowa Credit Union Has New 22-Month CD Special
BMO Harris Bank Adds Three Relationship CD Specials
20thWestfield Bank Offers $100 Checking Bonus
First Bank Financial Centre (WI) Has $300 Checking Bonus
17thCapFed Savings Bank Presidents' Day CD Specials - February 20 Only
McGraw-Hill FCU Introduces 17-Month Promo CD
Colorado Federal Savings Bank Has Top Internet Bank 1-Year CD
Texasgulf FCU's 60-Month CD Reaches New High
16thCD Investing: Relationship Rate CDs
United States Senate FCU Ups 60-Month Smart CD Rate
15thIcon Credit Union (ID/OR) Adds New High-Yield Checking
Bank of New England Boosts 36-47 Month CD Rate By 102 Basis Points
14thFairport Savings Bank (NY) Offers CD and Money Market Specials
13thFirst Tennessee Bank Promotes Money Market Introductory Rates
Mountain America CU Adds 5-Year CD With Bump Option
Ally Bank Offers Limited-Time 13-Month Select CD
11thKALSEE CU (MI) Adds Kasasa Cash And Kasasa Saver
Direct FCU (MA) Raises Rates On 8-Month CD And Jumbo CD
10thMelrose Credit Union Placed into Conservatorship Under the NCUA
State Farm Bank Adds 20 Basis Points To 60-Month CD
9thMilitary Veterans and Family Members Now Eligible To Join Navy Fed
Pacific National Bank Nationally Available MMA Earns 1.06% APY
Arbor Financial CU (MI) Adds 62-Month CD Special
Industrial Bank's (DC) Kasasa Cash Checking Available Nationwide
8thTD Bank Has $50/$150/$300 Checking Bonuses and $100 Savings Bonus
INOVA FCU Celebrates 75 Years With 14-Month CD
7thCountry Bank (MA) Offers Nationally Available Kasasa Cash
Third Federal S&L Adds Three CD Specials, Available Nationwide
6thVirtualBank Raises Rates On Short-Term eCDs
Utah Community CU Adds 120 Basis Points To 60-Month CD
3rdCIT Bank Extends $200 Bonus For New High Yield Savings Account
Andrews FCU Hikes 12-Month CD Rate
Transportation FCU Adds 3-Year CD
2ndSynchrony Bank Ups Long-Term CD Rates
CFCU Community CU (NY) Adds 2.20% APY 36-Month CD Special
1stFed Holds Rates Steady - Strategies for Savers
VisionBank (IA) Adds 14-Month Winter CD Special

January 2017

31stPerpetual Fed Savings Bank (OH) Ups 36- And 48-Month CD Rates
30thInspire FCU (PA) Raises Rates On Short- And Long-Term CDs
Citizens Bank Has $150 Checking Bonus In Supermarket Branches
28thFirst Two Bank Failures of 2017
Glass City FCU (OH) Adds 40-Month CD and 30-Month IRA Specials
27thOn-Site Notifications with MyDepositAccounts
SallieMae Bank Adds 15 Basis Points To Money Market Account
Nutmeg State Financial CU (CT) Has 20-month CD Special (1.70% APY)
26thFirelands FCU (OH) Increases Rate On 60-Month CD
Andrews FCU Adds 3.00% APY 84-Month Share Certificate
25thLive Oak Bank (Internet Bank) Increases Short-Term CD Rates
Connexus CU (Easy Membership) Adds Two Limited-Time CD Specials
Haverhill Bank (MA/NH) Boosts 36-Month CD Rate
23rdMemoryBank’s Internet Checking Account with a First-Year 1.50% APY
CIT Bank Raises Rates On Shorter Term CDs
Earn $150 When Opening An Associated Bank Wild® Checking Account
Island FCU (NY) Raises Rates On Long-Term CDs
22ndEvolution of Deposit Insurance in America – ASI Overview and History
21stSantander Bank Extends $150 Checking Account Bonus
20thNorth Shore Bank (WI/IL) Offers $200 Checking Bonus
University FCU (UT) Adds 20 Basis Points To 60-Month CD
19thCoastal Heritage Bank (MA) Adds 9- or 12-month CD Special (1.60% APY)
My Banking Direct Increases Money Market APY to 1.15%
Huntington National Bank Again Extends $200 Checking Bonus
18thPartner Colorado Credit Union (Easy Membership) Adds Celebrate CDs
East Boston Savings Bank (MA) Hikes 48-Month CD Rate
$400 Checking Bonus Available At Regions Bank
17thHomeBanc (FL) Adds 21- And 31-Month CD Specials
16thNorthwest Savings Bank Offers Up To $200 In Checking Bonus
TruMark Financial CU (PA) Raises 60-Month CD Rates
13thReview of the 2016 Bank Failures and Their Effects on Depositors
Nationwide Bank (Internet Bank) Raises Rate On 24-Month CD
Evergreen Bank (IL) Adds 6-Month Money Market Rate Guarantee
12thMidFirst Direct Has Competitive Long-Terms CDs
CIT Bank Raises High Yield Savings APY By 10 Basis Points
11thBankers Trust Company Offers Limited Time 7-27 Month CD
10thRegions Bank Offers $300 LifeGreen Checking Bonus
EverBank Leads With Internet Bank CD Rates
9thMid-Minnesota FCU Raises Rate On 36-Month Fast Forward CD
Greater Iowa Credit Union Adds 27-Month CD Special
8thDeposit Account Strategies for 2017
6thTopic Filter Links Now Included in Blog Header
United FCU Has New Certificate Specials For The New Year
Self-Help FCU (Easy Membership) Raises Money Market APYs
5thPopular Direct’s 5-Year CD - Rate Leader for Internet Banks
Popular Direct CD Issue with Listed Rates and APYs
Jefferson Financial CU (LA) Raises Long-Term CD Rates
4thKirtland FCU Boosts All Share Certificate Rates
SafeAmerica CU Has Top Nationally Available 60-Month CD
3rdEverBank's 1-year Yield Pledge CD Is Top Internet Bank CD
CIT Bank’s Limited-Time High Yield Savings Account Bonus - Up to $200
Rockland Federal Credit Union (MA) Hikes 18-Month CD Rate
2ndPinnacle Bank Offers $100 Checking Bonus In Six States
Lincoln 1st Bank (NJ) Adds Loyalty Checking
1stInterest Rate Predictions for 2017
PenFed Kicks Off New Year with Competitive Long-Term CD Rates
Happy New Year!