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ING DIRECT Is Now Capital One 360


ING DIRECT has officially been converted to Capital One 360. ING Direct's website at ingdirect.com now redirects users to CapitalOne360.com. I tried logging in to my ING DIRECT account at CapitalOne360.com and the process worked the same as before. Also, the rates and products are the same. The only thing I can see that has changed is the colors. Red has replaced orange, and the 360 ball has replaced the orange ball.

I looked at my ING DIRECT 2012 1099, and the bank is listed as Capital One, National Association. For those who had accounts at both ING DIRECT and Capital One, you will continue to have separate FDIC coverage to at least until May 1, 2013. I have more details in this post.

If you haven't followed the transition history, this Capital One 360 FAQs page has the details. The name change was a requirement from Capital One's acquisition of ING DIRECT. According to the FAQ:

As we told you back in June 2011, our parent company - ING Group - agreed to sell ING DIRECT USA as part of a restructuring agreement with the European Commission. ING Group allowed us to use "ING DIRECT" only until February, 2013. So we had to come up with something new.

Now we'll have to wait and see how competitive Capital One 360 will be. Large banks have rarely kept their internet bank rates competitive. Two examples include HSBC and Citibank. Hopefully, Capital One 360 will be different, but their current CD rates that are very low don't give me a lot of optimism.

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Anonymous | | Comment #1
I just logged in to see the looks of it and the results are almost the same as ING.
They have just changed some of the orange title’s colors to blue and everything else is the same.
Anonymous | | Comment #2
Hate Capital One they are one of the worse banks
Anonymous | | Comment #3
Capital One bought out a local bank and eventually over a span of a few years got rid of the account programs carrried over rom the local bank. I expect the same to occur with all of their acquistions.
Anonymous | | Comment #4
i am glad to ing gone a lousy bank
Anonymous | | Comment #5
Anonymous | | Comment #6
I have both a cap1 account and what was ingdirect...

in december, i got this stupid card that said "tahnks for being a customer for both institutions" or someting along those lines. Did it say anythign useful? no. anything on if my accounts will be merged? no. anything on if there's any benefit to consolidate the two? no. just a waste of paper if you ask me. on top of that, my external account was the cap1 account and now I expected to simplify the process...nope. nothing.

right now i'm waiting for all of my 1099s, 1 from a bank that was purchased by cap1, 1 by cap1direct....next year...it might e 3...sigh.
rjm | | Comment #7
ING website was down from about 10pm to 3 am last night. Central.

I removed over 99.9% of my money from ING a few days ago but both accounts are still open.

I had almost talked myself out of switching but then found a local credit union paying 1.26% that I missed for years. Opened it up and am using Ally for my checking.

So I voted with my feet.

I remember months ago moving a lot out of ally to put in INGs checking because at the time INGs checking rate was higher than Allys. Ally saw the move, asked why. I told them and shortly after they increased their rate above INGs over $100k rate.
Anonymous | | Comment #8
I've been trying to log on for the past two days and just keep getting the "Sorry for the inconvenience" error message. I loved ING bank, but not that Capital One 360 has taken over, they can't even make the log in page work. I can still check my accounts by phone, but what good is that? I don't want to do my banking by phone. I need everything in writing and now that I seem to have lost that, I guess I'll be looking into transfering my account to Ally. Someone always has to ruin a good thing!
Anonymous | | Comment #9
I have a payment in limbo and Capital One 360 customer service isn't close to the level that ING was.
Mirah | | Comment #10
So now that ING has sold out - can we now make dposits at ATMs?? NO!
Maecl | | Comment #11
I just signed in without a problem. I have less than $100- left in there. I'll see how it goes. I'm more worried with my HSBC credit card that was sold to Cap One. I have been getting a 5% reward for years on supermarket and drug store purchases. I would hate to see that go.
Anonymous | | Comment #12
I haven't had any problems. The only changes appear to be cosmetic, except for the login page which now has a dropdown menu.
Anonymous | | Comment #14
Logged in tonight. Had to get my PIN reset because they would not allow the old ING pin. Hope that's the only glitch.
no interest
no interest | | Comment #15
i was an ING customer...... the transition to capital one has been seamless. no log-in problems. nothing has changed other than cosmetic things.. so i'm surprised people are having issues.... and needing new pin numbers and stuff. ive encountered none of that. i havent had to change anything.
Anonymous | | Comment #16
No login issues, but multple account issues! Customer service is terrible. My Mtg was through Ing and have always made my payments a month in advance. I also have an automatic pymt. plan setup just in case. Cap 1 cant figure how to deal with this and just keeps pulling the auto pymts even though no amt is due. It took 10 days after I called to get the extra payment "removed" from the mtg and another 16 days to get that $$ back into my account!! Oh and not the ext. account it orignally came from, they stuck it in a svgs acct I have at Ing. 26 days, no calls, nothing. They also entitled themselves to remove my autopay plan without telling me. If I want to set it back up, my autopymt date changes from the 12th to the 1st.
Anonymous | | Comment #17
Have finally had it with Capitalone360. I was a long time Orange customer and stayed through the transistion, but the crappy customer service is finally too much. Over to Ally
Anonymous | | Comment #18
So Were did my money go that was in ING Direct?
Maecl | | Comment #19
Just the name changed. The login you created with ING should be the same.
Anonymous | | Comment #20
How can I login my Capital One 360 saving ? I just have my I.D # [ 8 number ] and Pin # ?
Janet Linning
Janet Linning | | Comment #21
I can't log in to my old account w/ING I have the account #.
Please advise as to how I can see my balance and/or if it still exists and if any money is in it.
help | | Comment #22
I am not able to log in to One 360 using my old ING member number and password. I don't access this account very often, but last time I tried my ING info. allowed me to log in. Whom should I contact? How do I remedy this situation?
anonymous | | Comment #23
ING was much better and easier to navigate. Sending P2P is the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered. With ING, it was very easy and straight forward. If I have to send money to someone, I have to take the money from my other account and go deposit it in their account. Makes no sense. Not a happy customer anymore.
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Tencha ward
Tencha ward | | Comment #25
I had an acct with ING several years back, and I'm trying to log in and can't, can I get some help
carrielynn1976 | | Comment #27
I am in the same boat! Does anyone know what website we should be going to to access our account we use to have with ING direct?
Ed Agnew
Ed Agnew | | Comment #28
wish I could help out but I am having the same frustration as you. Started with ing in 2000. after the switch to capital one 360 things went smoothly. since June of 2017 I cannot login ! I call customer service and they fixed it. Ha, ha!. The very next day I tried to login and the same problem. I cannot login and it kicks me off the internet. I am a computer illiterate. I call CS each time and I wind up with the same temporary fix. It is a nightmare. It is like I am in the "Ground Hogs Day" movie. I am ready to move my accounts to another vendor. Thanks for letting me vent
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mary_mjm | | Comment #29
I cannot access my accounts. I only see rates for different banks for different types of accounts.