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2.00%5-year CD60 Month CD
2.01%Reward CheckingKasasa Cash
1.00%Reward SavingsKasasa Saver

Overview / Commentary
1460 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

Xcel Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Bloomfield and is the 17th largest credit union in the state of New Jersey. It is also the 1,092nd largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1964 and as of June of 2017, it had grown to 36 employees and 19,953 members at 3 locations. Xcel Federal Credit Union's CD rates are 67% higher than the national average, but it has a C health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership in Xcel Federal Credit Union is open to anyone through joining the American Consumer Council. Membership is also open to employees and members of Bloomfield College, Essex City Electricians Association, Hudson County, US Department of Justice, US Department of Education and over 100 Select Employer Groups.
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18-Month 1.70% APY CD Promotion - 9/1/2017

According to an email I got this morning: "This is an extremely limited time offer and its only being offered to our current members. We are not advertising it anywhere else. When XCEL reaches only $5 million in deposits, we are turning it off, so do not hesitate if you are interested."

Xcel FCU Offering 2-Year CD To "Members" At 1.75% APY - 5/3/2017

I noticed on my monthly statement an offer of a 2-year CD at 1.75% APY to "members." The CU's Website for the public to see offers only 1.45% APY for that term -- "members" are getting a higher rate. I note, it is not saying "members as of ??? date," or even "those already a member of the CU." As I read it, it has to mean this rate is open to anyone, since you first have to become a member in order to do any business with them. Once you're a member, you're a member, so I have to think this promo would apply. But obviously, you would have to ask, and maybe push some. Xcel is headquartered in Bloomfield, NJ, and is an easy access CU. Here is what it said on my statement: TWO Fantastic LIMITED TIME Offers for XCEL Members #1: 2-year certificate at a whopping 1.75% APY, $500 minimum #2: Transfer high rate credit cards to our Visa at only 5.99 APR Both offers have conditions. Call today (973) ASK XCEL, option 5.

XCEL FCU Removing Toll-Free (800 Phone Number) Access. - 1/25/2017

XCEL FCU has announced a removal date of February 15th for its' toll-free (800 phone number) access. Several months ago XCEL removed the toll free number from its' website, replacing it with the a (non toll free) number. The old number, apparently good through 2-14-17, is 800-284-8663. I count this change as a disincentive to their CD rates. If you share this view let XCEL know: phone or e-mail xcel@xcelfcu.org

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Reviews (8)

Max Limit On Rewards Checking Only $25,000

Posted by: Noel Namo | Jun 15, 2016

The maximum balance limit that qualifies for the rewards checking rate of 2% has been lowered to $25,000 as of 06/01/16. This was done without any warning to me as a member. I also agree with a previous post that discussed major issues with getting online account access setup. It was an error filled process. My experience with customer service has been from one extreme to the other. It depends who you talk to. Just some things new members should keep in mind before opening an account.

This Is A Tough One

Posted by: tck | Nov 21, 2016

I want to like Xcel, the service has has been very friendly 95% of the time. But otherwise the experience hasn't been great.

First I will say, after less than a year, I will be closing my Kasasa rewards account here, maybe even leaving the CU altogether.

I joined for the Kasasa account less than a year ago, back when you could earn interest on 50K. A few months after joining, I noticed my interest far lower than usual! I check the website and see that it's been lowered to 25K. I know they are under no obligation to tell us this, but still that's a big drop, and it sucked. Soon after that I missed my 12 debits and did not qualify to earn the interest. The next month I qualified, yet the interest was not credited. So I call and they tell me they will correct it, very friendly, great! Yet, a week later still no interest. So I call back, same friendly help and a promise the money will be there by days end. 2 days later, nothing. Again I call, this time I'm on the phone with a supervisor and he makes the deposit while I am on the phone. Resolved.

Unfortunately, each month after that (4 months in a row now) I have had to call to have someone credit me the correct interest. I don't have the time or energy for this, so as soon as I find an alternative, I will be jumping ship. Sorry Xcel, I tried.

Also I think they need to update their website. It feels very dated. Okay, it works, as does the app. Somewhere their system is breaking down, it could be on the software end, could be the people. I don't know. Hopefully they figure it out.

Horrible Horrible And Horrible

Posted by: Jsimon | Jul 28, 2017

The staff is incompetent as well as the branch manager.

They can't seem to get it right. I took advantage of the skip pay as I have done in the past. As expected they screwed it up and took the money from my account. They have made this mistake more than once.

Two months ago they sent me a nasty letter stating I did not make my car payment and charged me late fees etc. also stated if account was not brought current they were going to start repossession proceedings. So I called to inform them, that's funny you have already debited my account as you always do on the 17th of each month. Of course i got the standard excuse--upgrade issues.

A few months back same scenario...except this time they debted the wrong account. WTF.

The branch manager is useless and extremely RUDE.


Posted by: cutter | Jan 30, 2017

Had to join American Consumer Council to become a member at a cost of $15. I called to verify there rates and was told I could open a CD at 2.5% as advertised. I email my application to them immediately (this was at about 11am). They waited till closing time to call and say they needed more information and they would finish the process the next day. I received an email first thing in the morning saying I was approved, but by the way our rates went down to 2%. Since this rate is no better than my current bank I guess I just wasted $15.

20Th Century Technology

The login process is ridiculous. It drives MINT crazy. The app looks like it was designed by a 12 year old.

Oh yeah, and I was surprised by the drop from $50K to $25K with absolutely no warning as well. When I chatted online and asked them to at least honor one month at the higher balance, the "branch manager" had to check with somebody and then never responded back as promised.

Would not recommend. Lots of other institutions doing it right.

Let The Buyer Beware - A Complete Nightmare

Posted by: John Sears | Jun 7, 2016

They made me join some lame $5 outfit, I did.

They had me fund a Savings Acct. with $5. I did.

When I wanted to move over $240K to eventually fund a 5 year CD, it showed an error and that it was empty.

After tinkering with it for two days on their part, the security questions and bypass weren't compatible. The next day, they said the person in charge wasn't in that day, it had to be unlocked.

Later that day, now the woman in charge wouldn't be back for a week, and I had been turned down for trying to open too many credit unions. I explained I needed 3 for full coverage. I had opened 4.

Outrageous, dishonest and unethical. I doubt I will ever see my $10. Imagine if they had gotten the $240K, and it had disappeared?

Thumbs Down

Posted by: Cbrand | May 2, 2016

Backwards organization here. They advertise in high-end car magazines proclaiming to be a lender for such automobiles. Well, that's not the case. They seem to have no experience or knowledge of lending on very high dollar vehicles. Don't waste your time with these guys.

They FROZE My Account For WEEKS!

Posted by: crocpa | Apr 11, 2016

I used to love this credit credit union until all of a sudden they froze account for weeks simply because I was an out of state client that dealt with different c u ' s . There is no law against having more than one bank account. These idiots consider you a terrorist money launderer or drug dealer if you do however. They accused me of kiting. What the heck is that? Depositing checks in there institution and writing check to another in order to take advantage of the float. Hello! Idiots, I have over $30K in this account sitting there earning interest. They finally released my funds and closed the account. They beat to it. I was going to do it any way. Don't be a victim, avoid this institution.


Health Grade Components

NCUA #16218
Year Chartered1964
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.32%
Return on Equity - YTD4.85%
Annual Interest Income$4.3MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$183.4MM$192.2MM
LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$146.0MM$146.7MM
DepositsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$169.4MM$178.2MM
Equity CapitalQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$12.0MM$12.1MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$1.8MM$1.1MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$3.6MM$2.9MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$0$0
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18-Month 1.70% APY CD Promotion

ChasR |
According to an email I got this morning:
"This is an extremely limited time offer and its only being offered to our current members. We are not advertising it anywhere else. When XCEL reaches only $5 million in deposits, we are turning it off, so do not hesitate if you are interested."

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Xcel Federal Credit Union Savings Account Rates

1.00%-$15kKasasa Saver
0.10%$50-Regular Savings
0.10%--Additional Savings
0.10%--IRA Savings
0.10%--Holiday Club
0.10%--Vacation Club

Xcel Federal Credit Union Money Market Rates

0.45%*$25k*-Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.30% $1k - $2,500 | 0.35% $2,500 - $10k | 0.40% $10k - $25k

Xcel Federal Credit Union Checking Account Rates

2.01%*-$25kKasasa Cash
OTHER TIERS: 0.03% $25k+
0.05%$2,500-Checking Account

Xcel Federal Credit Union CD Rates

2.00%$500-60 Month CD
1.70%$500-48 Month CD
1.60%$500-36 Month CD
1.50%$500-12 Month CD
1.45%$500-24 Month CD
1.05%$500-6 Month CD
0.65%$500-3 Month CD

Xcel Federal Credit Union IRA Rates

2.00%$500-60 Month IRA
1.70%$500-48 Month IRA
1.60%$500-36 Month IRA
1.50%$500-12 Month IRA
1.45%$500-24 Month IRA
1.05%$500-6 Month IRA
0.65%$500-3 Month IRA

Xcel Federal Credit Union Locations
Main Office1460 Broad StBloomfield, NJ 07003
Branch Office30 Path Plz Journal SquareJersey City, NJ 07306
Branch Office26 Federal Plz Ste 1702 Room 1702New York, NY 10278