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GS Bank Lost A New Customer Today

Posted by: Kern | Sep 12, 2017

Today GS Bank lost a new customer. I applied for a set of joint CD ladder accounts for my wife and I. After not hearing about the application within the "48 hours" response time, I called to ask about the status. From there is was a downhill slide fast and furiously from the first customer service operator who could do nothing but quote, paraphrase quote, and repeat statements of why she could not give me the status of my account. I needed my wife on the phone due to it being a joint account - well she's in another state taking care of her mother. All I wanted to know was the status of the application and where do I send the check to open the CD's. After 15 minutes of the GS Bank employee parroting remarks about Patriot Act, need my wife on the phone, would like to help but can't, etc, I requested my application be cancelled. If a customer can't get simple information over the phone, what kind of customer service could I expect over the long haul? It was another litany of parrot, repeating statements of why she could not cancel my application. Seriously? You are now going to hold me and my wife's CD application hostage? A customer can't withdraw a joint application that was applied for on-line? I was given the direction to do an on-line application last week when I first called to set up the accounts and learned that the only way to set up the joint account without my wife on the phone was on-line! The 15+ minutes of back and forth conversation disolved into my continually responding to everyone one of her statements with "I'd like to speak to your supervisor" (all recorded). It was downright demeaning, sad and frustrating at how many times I had to say, "I'd like to speak to your supervisor", and told she would not escalate the concern because I was not a customer. Did you hear that, now I'm not a customer? Count them - over 20 times I requested to speak to her supervisor! I finally was connected to a Luke W. who cancelled my application. Yes, I know, GS Bank gets to retain my personal information for Patriot Act reasons and what not, but had the first person been seasoned enough to simply give me the status of my application, GS Bank would have retained a new, happy customer. So, now after speaking with Luke about the above scenario and I'd like to ensure my application has truly been cancelled, Luke tells me he can't give me his last name due to bank policy and I won't receive a cancelled notification in the mail or email. That concerns me. With the recent Equifax fiasco and other breaches of on-line security how is a customer to know their accounts have truly been cancelled? Run a credit report I hear you say? Yeah, right. I was hoping for the beginning of a long relationship with GS Bank but sorry, I'll look somewhere else that has excellent customer service to give my money to.

GS Bank

I have started an account with Goldman Sachs Bank for my daughter. She is still very young and I want to teach her the value of saving money while she is still at an impressionable age. I secured the Goldman Sachs Savings account because Goldman Sachs offered an annual savings rate of 1.2% per year. This was roughly 120 times higher than the rates offered by my local and regional brick and mortar banks. We have only had the account for a few months, but I am still very pleased with it at this point. It has been rewarding to be able to log in to the Goldman Sachs website, pull up my daughter's savings account and not only show her exactly how much money she has saved already but exactly how much her money has earned in interest.

GS Bank Has High-Yield Savings

I recently switched savings accounts GS Bank from my previous bank for two reasons. First, GS Bank offered a higher APY (1.20%) compared to my previous bank. Second, GS Bank has no limit on monthly deposits, whereas my other bank did. I usually transfer $2000 into savings a month so I needed an account like GS Bank's to meet my monthly savings goals. One downside is that Goldman Sachs doesn't have a mobile app, but I can live without it. The customer service people are typically busy but know their business and helpful when you need it.

AVOID: No Customer Service Available...

Posted by: xelorwatch | Sep 7, 2017

No customer service Available all through the night and No customer service on Saturday at all and No customer service on Sunday at all. And they often LOCK your account even though you enter Correct user name; Correct password; Use SAME device; Answer 1st security question Correctly but not the 2nd, which I'm 99% sure is correct. Therefore, they need to get off online as they're really only a Brick and Mortar Bank -- who btw are always open on Saturdays! (TIP) Several online banks are now offering a higher percentage.

The best interest rates you can find

I currently have a saving account with Goldman Sachs Bank, and I am extremely happy with my experience so far. The website doesn't have all of the bells and whistles of a national bank, but it is functional and very easy to navigate. It is definitely made up for in the interest you are getting paid. The interest rates in this environment are low, but on my savings account I am getting paid 1.25%. The money is not locked into a CD, so I can access it whenever I want. I would recommend this bank to anyone. The only downfall is you can not go into a location and speak with someone, however the few times I have had to call I have spoken with some very friendly individuals that were able to help me. I have had such a great experience with GS Bank, and am very happy. I wish they offered checking accounts because I would move all of my banking over to them given the chance.

GS Bank: Relatively New, But A Good Choice For Savings Investments

It's very well known that GS Bank (Goldman Sachs Bank) caters to the higher class, but fairly recently they opened up their savings accounts to anyone who had at least $1 to put into the account. Very competitively designed, they opened with an interest rate of 1.10%, which was the top of the highest rate offered at the time. It was only matched by Ally and Synchrony Bank for their savings accounts until, this year in 2017, they increased their interest rate to 1.20% making them the top general savings bank and crushing the national average.

They also offer an array of CD choices ranging anywhere from 1.40% for a 12 year term to 2.30% for a 6 year term to maturity. Although I do not invest in CDs, they seem solid for ladder investing (investing in multiple CDs so each expires at a certain time to reinvest over and over).

Their website is extremely basic and lacks basically anything more than bare-bones features...but that's all it needs to work so I forgive it for that shortcoming. After all, I'm looking to save money in this account, not keep track of spending. One of the huge negative, however, is their complete lack of a mobile app which puts them far behind in terms of modern interfacing. Supposedly it's on their to-do list, but for now you have to either push or pull from the GS Bank account itself, or from your bank account. The speed is incredible, though, since all my deposits to GS Bank were credited the moment I hit 'Submit' (although they were taken out of my bank account later on). This works well for maximizing your interest rates.

Great for savings

After trying to open a savings account with Bank of America, which is where I do all my checking, I was horrified by the extremely low rates. I would need a minimum deposit of $2,500 just to earn 10 basis points a year. What i loved about the GS bank was that they offered a killer rate of 1.20% APY with only a minimum deposit of $1. With a maximum of 6 withdrawals a month, my money is still available when I want it and the return is far superior to any of the name brand banks I have seen. While the customer service and lack of physical ATM locations is a downer, it is hard to argue against that upgrade in savings interest/year. I miss having a physical debit card, but really I'm only putting money in this account that I hope to stow away for the long haul.

Poor Experience With ACH Transfer Out

Posted by: unmesh | Aug 2, 2017

For the first time, I tried to do an ACH transfer out using their website. Even though I wasn't exceeding any posted limits, the web page asked me to call Customer Service. After verifying my credentials over the telephone, they said someone would have to call me to verify the transfer request and it could take about 24 hours. The following day, I did get a call and went through the same regimen after which they said they would initiate the transfer and it would take three business days for the money to show up at the receiving bank.

And all this from a purportedly online only bank :-(

Excellent experience with my Savings account.

I had originally opened a savings account with GE Savings which was later bought out by Goldman Sachs. The transition was seamless and without issue. My main draw would have to be their excellent savings interest rate of 1.05% which is many time higher then your run of the mill banks. Definitely the highest you can attain outside of CD's and investment accounts and if you want to save but still be able to pull money out quickly it is an excellent option. Be aware that it does still take time to take the money out as you have to transfer it out of the account to your main checking account and then withdraw it so this might put off some people, but I personally don't mind.
The website itself is easy to use and definitely friendly I love coming on here and checking my balances and interest gained. There doesn't appear to be a mobile app on android but if you're using it as a savings account this shouldn't matter too much.
I have not dealt with customer service very often as there is usually no issues, but the one time I did they were helpful and friendly.

Terrible Customer Service

Posted by: setsurenka | Jul 9, 2017

Terrible customer service and not international-friendly at all, which is extremely disappointing for the GS brand. The login page has been "under maintenance" for weeks and all I can get from them is "call us." But I'm an expat working abroad, and their "international" number charges us for an automated system that wastes our time instead of connecting us directly to an operator.

As soon as I gain access, I'm transferring my savings out to another bank with decent international customer service.

Best online savings account

Posted by: louisewebb | Jul 2, 2017

Being that this is an online only bank, you think they would skimp on the customer service but they do not! I have had two savings account with GS Bank since they were GE Bank. This bank has one of the highest interest rates on savings accounts. Not only do you regularly get your interest payments, you can also transfer money out so quickly! If you initiate the transfer before 5pm, your money will be in your checkings account the next morning. They are so fast, I love it!

My experience with GS bank

I have a savings account with GS Bank. Their UI on their website is okay. I have had some issues logging into their website sometimes though. I have a feeling that their server is down every so often, so you can't login during those times. I use GS Bank because their APY is one of the highest I've seen available. I don't have any issues withdrawing or putting in money into this savings account.

Not Worth It --- Avoid At All Costs

I tend to follow rates and if the rate is good, I will open a new account. However, I would avoid anything to do with Goldman Sachs.

A relative of mine passed away and in order to get access to probate court, the administrator needed to get a copy of the bank statement. All the other online banks where he had funds provided the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Goldman refuses to do so despite numerous phone calls and blames their legal department - and still will not provide a date when they can comment on a 1 paragraph letter prepared by the probate court.

Since the bank has no branches, you are at their mercy.

for .05%, difference STAY AWAY.

Waste Of Time

Posted by: anonlol | Jun 8, 2017

After giving all sorts of information answering all sorts of bizarre questions they decline opening the account without explanation.

My credentials are impeccable.

Don't give them your info go elsewhere you were warned


There is no online app.
There are no branches.
There is no online support.

If you leave a message online, the reply will always be the following, no matter what you ask.

Dear YourNameHere,

Thank you for contacting GS Bank.
In order to assist with your request, please call us toll free, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. CT, at 1-855-730-SAVE (7283).
Thank you for being our customer. We are committed to helping you reach your financial goals.

GS Bank Customer Service

When you call them, you'll wait and wait. Then you'll wait some more! After all that waiting, you'll get connected with some incompetent moron in India.

The reason I'm with GS Bank is that my original bank was bought out by them. Now I'm stuck in banking purgatory.


Goldman Sachs Bank is Easy to operate - but has limitations

Posted by: erichicks | Jun 3, 2017

Goldman Sachs bank has been a good online savings account for me for many reasons, but it has it's limitations.

The greatest benefit to me is that it has the highest interest rate of any online bank available. It gives 1.05 percent interest for money kept in the online savings account. Many local banks only give around .05 percent or so. It's nice to actually see the money kept in your account make money. While it may be less than the inflation rate - it still keeps up.

It's also very easy to tie your other accounts with Goldman Sachs to this bank. I am able to freely put money into CDs and can transfer to and from CDs to my savings account with a few clicks on the website.

The website is very simple. It's very easy to use. It's easy to get all your account information and it has a very simple to use FAQ section. There is also an online customer service representative that you can reach whenever you want.

The biggest problem for me with the website is it's complete lack of an Android or iPhone app. The only way to view your account is through the website. Most other banks have an app - but Goldman Sachs does not have an app. This is kind of annoying to me - because it would be nice if I could just open an app on my phone or tablet to view my account information and make transfers and what not. Unfortunately they have not integrated their service into an app.

Great Bank For Savings

Posted by: gordon89 | May 16, 2017

Easy to use with good rates for OSA. Some pretty strong CD rates, but some could be better (not a big deal). A mobile app would be great, but tough to find in this space. Easy to get a live person on the phone.

Goldman Sachs

I personally have had Goldman Sachs Bank for well over a year. I enjoy the competitive products they give on savings accounts. I'm making a good amount of money on interest alone. I enjoy the simplicity of transferring money from checking to savings vice versa. It takes around 2 days before I can see the money in my account. I like the fact that security with the bank is also top notch so I don't have to worry about my money being stolen. Goldman Sachs is also very simple. They take the thrills out of saving money. The platform is easy to use over the computer and everything is outlined to easily see the text on their website. I overall recommend this bank to people looking to save their money in a no-thrills way.

There Goes GS Bank Too.

Posted by: youngsun | Apr 20, 2017

I have been a fan of GS Bank for a few years until now. Like any other online banks, GS Bank was honest at first, but it is getting more tricky everyday. GS Bank requires E-Sign for each CDs and Savings Account, which I didn't know this before. We have issued two CDs in our Savings Account, therefore I and my husband, each of us had to have three E-Signs, it is like we both have three different accounts. Worst part is that my husband was asked E-Sign for only one CD that was issued recently, but He E-Signed one more thing that we can't tell what it is, GS Bank told us that even though it is the same CD, if we both don't E-Sign at the same time, it will have a different CD reference number, and then failed to tell me what one more thing that my husband signed, since it is a bogus one. This is very disturbing to me, since we have a lot of money at GS Bank, and I praised this bank on this website before. It said "E-Sign for your CD to get the maximum FDIC coverage" it means that if I die, my husband will not get all, almost a half million in our account, only for one CD he E-signed. GS Bank has changed its system last weekend, therefore I can't see our "disabled" SSN in beneficiary by clicking on it, when I tried to confirm it still contains the right number, system kicked me out and took about 25 minutes to fix it by receiving about 10 different security codes through E-Mail.

Always, pay attention to little changes and never let your guard down. Most of all, support CFPB and use it when you have a problem with only FDIC insured Banks. not credit union banks. I can't put money in the bank without CFPB's back up nowadays. Let's educate each other more by writing our experience.

Terrific online savings that does exactly what it's says it will do.

Posted by: glencarney | Mar 8, 2017

I have been using Goldman Sachs online banking for a couple of years now. It used to be GE online savings first (General Electric), but it has since changed now to Goldman Sachs. I have an online savings account where I make 1.05% interest on what I have in my account. When it comes to online savings accounts, I don't think that you will find a better rate then this out there. I have never had a problem transferring my money from my main checking into and out of this online savings account. The procedure is simple and is done the way most people expect. Whenever I have had any questions for customer service, I usually e-mail them. They will usually answer back within a couple of days and I'm ok with that. There is only a $1.00 minimum to have this account open and there is no "monthly fee" hidden anywhere here. I would recommend this online savings account to people who have a lot of extra money sitting in an account where they are making no interest at all. Let your money make money for you is what I always say. Interest payments are added to your account on the 1st of the month usually.

GS Bank

I opened a savings account with GS Bank. I was drawn towards this institution based on their competitive interest rate compared to the very low rates at the other banks I was using. In addition, while there are no physical location for GS Bank, it was very easy to add another bank account to my GS Bank user profile. This allowed me to easily transfer money from my one bank account to my GS Bank account. The one downside of this is that it takes up to three to four days once the transfer is initiated for the money o actually show up in my account on the GS Bank website.

Put Your Savings at GS Bank

GS Bank is where I do the majority of my savings. Their interest rates are better than anyone that I have ever banked with in the past. I place my large personal savings accounts with them. I have been with them since they were GE Capital bank, before Goldman Sachs bought them out and have only had to contact them once since Goldman Sachs purchased them. I tend to get 12 and 24 month CDs through them along with my online savings account. Every time I let a CD mature I need to contact them to let them know what to do with the CD. Each time I do this the process is quick and takes less than 5 minutes. I always get great support and help from the people as they seem to be located in the Untied States, and can take care of my requests easily. The only thing I wish they had was a GS Bank mobile app. All of my other bank accounts have a mobile app I can use to check on my accounts with, but GS Bank does not. That is the only thing I wish that they would add. Other than that I'm exceptionally happy with GS bank, and recommend them to anyone looking for a good savings account!

Real Bad Experience

Tried to Open and On line savings Acct at GS, spent the 15 minutes typing everything for joint acct, then pass words, then secret names on and on.

Hit enter then I got we cannot open an account., basically got rejected but no one can tell me why, did I enter something wrong or what .

Customer Service Rep said try Monday, I said you mean re enter everything without knowing where the error was or why ? They said yes.

Been married 39 years, same house for 17, etc, just trying to open a simple savings account . But this system of rejecting without giving you a chance to fix is crazy . You have no idea how to fix.

Great bank for Savings, Great Rates!

Posted by: Msot | Dec 16, 2016

Goldman Sachs bank has a quality product in their savings accounts. The rate is very competitive and gives you a nice safe way to earn some interest on your savings that is very low risk! The website is super easy to use and transferring in to savings from elsewhere couldn't be easier. I rate 5's all around- very responsive bank with good services, no fees to speak of for savings, and a good rate of return for a savings product. Not much else you could ask for!

GS Bank is The Best Bank to Save With

I started banking with GS Bank back when it was GE Capital bank before it became GS Bank. I chose them because they have the highest interest savings rates in the country for accounts with no minimums. I have been completely happy with my experience with them and have been using it as my long term savings account for years due to the great rates. I have only had to contact customer service once in the past. When I called, it rang twice and went to a person located in the United States that was able to help me resolve my issue in under five minutes. I recommend GS Bank to all of my friends that are looking to increase their savings rates, and to everyone that is just looking for a new bank that does not charge the same outrageous fees that the other banks in the country charge. I do wish that they had a mobile app available for me to check on my money quickly, but it's not that big of a deal and something I could see them rolling out in the future.

Gsbank New Account

Terrible Customer Service:

I opened an account with GSBank on 10/19/16 and after several inquiries and almost one month period the external bank account has not been linked. The customer service people are not very helpful and do not appear or eager to be helpful or business friendly.
They left me no choice but to take my business elsewhere.

GS Bank Fails Miserably

GS BANK was very helpful and pleasant opening my account but failed horribly when I tried to take money out. They told me to call an initiate the wire transfer before 12:30 CST. To have it sent the same day. I called at 10:00a.m. EST and gave them all the information they said I needed. I created a PIN number that I was told to give them when they called back to verify everything. They called back within the hour and I gave them the number. Now it's 11:00 a.m. EST the next day and the wire still hasn't been sent. NEVER have I had a wire transfer take two days. I will be emptying out my account from GS Bank.

GS Bank Review

Posted by: GT2009 | Nov 1, 2016

I originally joined GE Capital Bank. It has now transitioned to GS Bank. The transition was seamless and did not interrupt my banking activities. I use GS for high interest savings. Their rates are highly competitive. Due to my banking needs, I do not interact with customer service. Everything can be done online, and that is perfect for me.

Terrible Customer Services

Posted by: 2best | Oct 20, 2016

Applied 2 days ago for a joint account. After I entered all personal information, the application didn't go though....had to call back several times. But each time, got different answers from rep. First one ask me to resubmit application, which I did...but failed again. Second rep said becasue it's a join account, they need to speck both of us. We managed to call back together...but spoke to another rep said "sorry, we cannot verify your identity, your application is declined." Don't even mention another call I made. I gave up. There are some other online banks with competitive rate and better knowledge reps.

GS Bank Is Great

Posted by: Mot | Oct 4, 2016

The savings offerings at Goldman Sachs(formerly GE Capital for me, but GS Bank took over their savings accounts) are stellar and the percentage is far above average. This provides me with a way to safely generate a little more nest egg. In addition to just the good return % on savings with GS Bank, their web interface is very easy to use and makes it *super* easy to transfer money in and out as I need. There's also multi-step authentication with passwords, making you feel as secure as you can in this day and age. Overall their savings is a great banking product and they make it easy to use. What more could you want in a bank? Good rates and ease of use knocked it out of the park for me.

Competitive rates

Posted by: MMot | Oct 3, 2016

I went looking for a good online savings account alternative a while back, and settled on Goldman Sachs. This bank provides a competitive rate for savings at a solid 1.05%, and I'm happily accruing interest on a sizable sum now. Can't find rates like that at brick-and-mortar banks these days. I'm extremely pleased and plan to continue using this as a safe way to invest some money in a low-risk way to balance my portfolio. Good work all around- good website, no issues with customer service, and a good product. I walk away a very, very pleased customer from this bank. Very easy to transfer money to and fro with online services as well. I'll continue doing business with this bank and possibly expand my business with them to encompass other accounts and types of accounts. Highly recommended to anyone!

Account Opening

GS uses a system to verify your identity based on information from a credit reporting service. You must identify which if any of several items pertains to you. Make one mistake and you are turned down permanently. The problem is the data is wrong. Asked if I LIVED at one of several addresses, they gave an OFFICE address, and did not even get that right, transposing parts of the address. So when I said none of the above, I was right but they took it as a wrong answer and said they would never do business with me. A call to customer service got a computer that didn't have a clue when I asked for help.

Great Interest Rate

Posted by: themrs | Sep 12, 2016

I set up an online savings account for my son. The process to transfer money over from another institution was easy and secure. I love the interest rates!! His account doesn't draw a lot of interest, but it is so much better than the previous account that was getting 0.01% APY per month. It was really easy to add a new account when our youngest son was born. When I log in, the account overview is super easy to read. I can see both accounts at the same time. I highly recommend this bank for savings accounts. I will keep them in mind for any new accounts I will need in the future.

Nice Savings Product

Posted by: Thomas777 | Aug 10, 2016

Overall, Goldman Sachs offered the best savings product that was available to me. It has the highest interest rate for a reputable mainstream bank. There were a few credit unions in other states with an ever so slightly higher interest rate, but I was skeptical about these institutions. The one downside is that GS doesn't offer a mobile app for your account, no ATM card and currently offers only private checking accounts for very high net worth individuals. So you'll be stuck having your checking account at a different institution.

GS Bank Aquired GE Bank

GS Bank acquired GE Bank's Web Platform and left the web platform the exact same as it was before. I believe in them and what they are doing. Their deposit rates are some of the best, and you can earn a lot of money in interest if you have enough money on deposit. I think my only critique of the bank is the fact that transfers take longer than I would expect they should. They usually take up to 5 business days to complete, yet Google Wallet is able to deliver the money to your account instantly. I don't understand why the transfers are slow, but it is the best bank to earn easy interest on your savings. Other than the slow transfers, I have never had a really bad experience with this bank. All in all, GS Bank delivers.

Best Rates

I do my banking with GS Bank for my largest savings accounts. I had my money at a local bank and was initially hesitant to go to an online banking solution, but overall GS Bank has been fantastic. Their ability to transfer fast, and the fact that they charge me no fees allows me to keep my money with them making the best interest in the country, while also having my money easily accessible. I have had to contact their customer service once before when I was working on closing out a CD that I had with them, and transfer the balance to a different savings account with them. The customer service rep answered on the first ring of the phone, and it was someone in the United States that was able to help me. The whole interaction took under 3 minutes, and my money was moved and set up. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a CD or savings account!

Website Not Ready For Primetime

Posted by: mcooprec | Jul 10, 2016

I spent an entire hour going through the process to open an account -- including time spent reading all of the legal agreements -- only to have the website fail to take the final step and hang. As this was on a Sunday, customer service was closed and could not help. I went back through all the webpages to clear my sensitive information. The foundation of this service is ONLINE banking. If the online part doesn't work, why would I want to tie up my money with them? I'm moving on to a more reliable service.

Great Way to Build Up Savings Account

Posted by: Love2Knit | Jun 24, 2016

I opened an online savings account through GS Bank a few months ago (originally with a different bank that GS bank recently purchased), and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the account. Transferring money through my home bank to the online bank is quick, easy and efficient with the added bonus of no additional charges. I love the high interest rate I get on my Online Savings account (an unprecedented 1.05% with no minimum deposit!), and it's easy for me to save the money since I'm not tempted in spending it since it's online. I've yet to have any problems or issues warranting a call to their customer service department, but I feel that they would provide friendly helpful service if I ever needed it. I was worried when I heard that my Online Savings account was being purchased by GS Bank, but now I realize I had nothing to worry about. The online bank is safe, secure and yields a high return for a Savings account. I'd recommend GS Bank to anyone considering opening an account at an online bank.

Does Not Support Portable Devices

Posted by: RichF | Jun 23, 2016

I attempted to use the system with my Android tablet and Chromebook. After several attempts with customer support they finally acknowledged the system requires a PC. Looking elsewhere.

A Breeze To Open

Posted by: scerbin | Jun 20, 2016

Opened the account online in minutes. Bailed on my credit union MMA that was paying 1/7th the rate. Still waiting for my deposit to hit but I think that will take an extra day. So far so good!

Very competitive rates and good customer service

Posted by: JRCorbin | Jun 13, 2016

I recently opened both a savings and CD account with GS Bank. GS Bank currently offers among the best rates that I have seen on the market (1.05% savings and 2.0% 5 year CD). The website is very streamlined and simple to use making for a good customer experience. I was able to complete the transfer money (from my brokerage account) instructions in about 5 minutes. It took ~4 days before the money became available to invest in the CD. The only small glitch that I encountered was an automatic email asking me to fund my CD two days before the transfer from my brokerage account was complete. This created some confusion that was cleared up very quickly with a call to customer service. Overall, GS Bank offers the two things that I personally value the most - highly attractive rates and a streamlined, intuitive user interface. Highly recommended.

The Web Site Is Really Only Compatible With IE

Posted by: thinkmac | May 10, 2016

I came across GS Bank over the news, and noticed that it is giving out that 1.05% savings rate (.05% more than Ally). So just for that, I had to apply to the web site twice. The first time failed, because the web site is really not designed for Google Chrome. The second time passed, as it functions properly under IE or Microsoft Edge browser.

It took me a few days for Ally to verify the linked GS account, and while I did not know that you can NOT touch the money until 5 biz days after deposit, this is a small price to pay I guess as long as they do start accruing interests as soon as money lands in the account

Application Process Is Broken

Posted by: jkalinich | May 7, 2016

I tried to apply and when I reached the last screen the site broke and wouldn't accept by application. I tried several more times to ensure I wasn't doing something wrong. I then sent GS's customer service an email. It has been a week now and I haven't heard a word.

I May Be Closing This Account

Posted by: geodosch | May 3, 2016

I have this account because GS took over my GE Capital Bank account. The interest rate, which is very good compared to most online savings banks, is the same, at least for the first month, as it was with GE. But what has me ready to bail is their privacy and 'information sharing' policy. With GE Bank, they simply did not share your information with third-parties for marketing purposes. With GS Bank, they share everything with everyone. And for me to opt-out of sharing, they apparently want to make that as difficult as possible. There's no place online to do so, or an 800 number, as is the case with most companies. I need to complete a form and mail it in to them. My big fat welcome package didn't even include an addressed envelope for me to return it with. My guess is that they want to make it difficult enough that a percentage of customers with either miss it, or not want to be bothered. Yes, I'm going to send mine in. But it tells me a lot about the culture and mindset of GS Bank, which is why it's likely I'll be transferring my funds to another bank soon.

Incompetence Central

Posted by: Seamas | Apr 28, 2016

Applied 3 days ago for a joint account for myself and my wife of over a decade. Website blew up when I hit the 'Submit' button the first time...had to call and wait for 20 mins before rep came on and apologized but said I would need to resubmit entire application...did that 3 days ago. Called today to check status...again had to wait for 15 mins before rep came on and said application was still under review and could I hold...I said 'yes'...waited again...rep came and said another rep was now reviewing application, just another few mins...finally rep came back on and said 'sorry, we cannot verify your wife's identity, your application is declined'...I mean, seriously? Stay away from these clowns.

Gsbank Not Ready For Prime Time

Posted by: wilserv | Apr 27, 2016

I'm an Ally customer but always willing to take advantage of a better rate so I opened an account with GSBank. I made some errors setting up the account so I had to call customer service. My errors were corrected BUT C/S DOES have problems:
1) One time I was hung up on while waiting for a rep
2) C/S not 24/7 like Ally
3) No estimated wait time
There's a BIG problem with the site, IMHO, as there is NO available balance value in the data displayed for your account. Initially I transferred in $30 as a test. Account balance showed as $30 but attempts to withdraw $25 or $15 failed. When queried, C/S said funds become available after 5 business days. No way to know that from info available on the site.

The Best Bank

Posted by: youngsun | Apr 23, 2016

I had so many accounts at different banks, still have. GS Bank is the most honest bank, which hard to find nowadays. Unlike other banks, GS Bank allowed me to designate beneficiary for our Savings Account on Website, CPO 360 doesn't not even allow beneficiary for CD. I do not use online bank as our main bank, anything happens, they'll block my account. On the other hand, GS Bank has no frills, no tricks what so ever that we do have substantial amount of money in GS Savings and CD. GS Bank is very transparent about everything in the package we received, I was misinformed by GE Capital about when my money starts to earn interest. I'm 100% satisfied customer of GS Bank.