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All-around great experience

I've been using Everbank for years and have rarely if ever had a problem. Checking is free -- and ATM fees may be refunded automatically (balance minimums may apply). Some other banks may require you to submit transaction receipts but it is automatic with Everbank. In addition to free checking, they offer many services you may not find at other banks including investment opportunities such as precious metals and currency exchange. Checking deposits are done via the app so no need to mail in checks - it is quick and simple. An overall view of your account plus the details of upcoming scheduled transactions allow you to monitor your balance going forward, which is really useful if you keep a lower balance. I've had great experience with their customer service, both via email and voice calls. I will continue to be a customer for years to come.

AVOID Everbank

This bank should change its name to "NeverBank" or "IncompetentBank." I have had an account with EverBank for several years and only keep it open because it is such a pain to re-establish all of the auto-deposits and electronic funds transfer links. We repeatedly receive terrible/incompetent advice. Most recently, I was trying to make a mobile deposit and was locked out after one failed attempt (it is supposed to allow 3 chances). I am now unable to make a deposit for 3 days. Apparently, it is to protect me from people who might wish to make unauthorized deposits to my account. I am more concerned with unauthorized withdrawals. I encourage anyone who reads this review to check reviews from other EverBank customers too. EverBank has a terrible reputation among online banks, and it is entirely justified.

ENORMOUS Prepayment Penalties!

Posted by: MisterR | May 15, 2017

Was told by Customer Service: The prepayment penalty for any CD is 25% of what the total earned interest would have been if the CD had been kept to maturity. For example, a $100,000, 2.0% APY, 5-year CD would earn $10,408 interest over its five years. A prepayment AT ANY TIME PRIOR TO MATURITY would require a 25% penalty of that, or a $2,602 penalty! Wow.

Trying Open Rewards Checking Acct :(

Posted by: sreins | Jan 31, 2017

Going on two weeks - still going in circles.

My First Internet Bank

I decided to switch to an internet bank recently. I eventually settled on Everbank and I was quite enamored with the process. The process was simple, an application that was designed to be quick and efficient. I was able to start an account with a direct transfer from a traditional bank. I started with $500 and at the time, Everbank was paying a full 1% on interest, which was much higher than many brick and mortar banks. I never had an issue with customer service, so I never had to contact them for it. Sadly, I had to give it up because I needed the money for moving, so I decided it best to just close the account, but if the need ever arose again, I'd be happy with their services again.

Yikes, Its Pretty Bad!!!

The good:Very good rates, probably the best around.
The BAD: Yikes! Simple things are absolutely horrible! Want to open a CD when you already have one - almost impossible. You need to start the process from scratch if you can figure out how because once you log in, there's no way to do it. Next - want to know what the latest CD rates are when you already have an account? Once you've logged in-they don't show it!!!!
The Ugly - sometimes conflicting or incorrect info from customer service IF your call isn't on hold for about 40 MINUTES!!!!!
Conclusion - is the aggravation worth it for an extra tenth of a percent? Nope, and as they say, Never Bank with EverBank.
Wish I read the reviews before starting with them. I've NEVER saw an organization with over 50% of their customers ratings at 1 star!!!!

Neverbank Says It Better

Posted by: sak_pase | May 14, 2016

Their intro rate on Money Market Accounts is tolerable; but the account opening process is much more cumbersome than other banks. Online statement delivery is inconsistent, and responses from customer service seem to have been written by cretins. I say "never again".

Horrible Bank. Stay Away From It.

We made a payment to the mortgage. They claimed they didn't receive it and asked us to make an additional payment. We did it. But rwo months later they cashed out my original payment as well, caused overdraft. we called him multiple times asking for refund. They never sent it to us but kept on lying.

Good Bank

This bank is great for rates and have good customer service. I've been banking with them for over 2+ years and have enjoyed there banking. My whole family currently banks with them.

Misleading Incompetent

Posted by: silver | Mar 6, 2015

EverBank representative promises over 4 months repeatedly contradicted by officials.
Also EverBank house appraisal $150,000
less than independent appraisal.

Good Banking Experience

Posted by: Yamago | Nov 13, 2014

In early 2012, I was informed by Wells Fargo of a new "fee" for some of their account holders. As a Wells Fargo account holder of over 20 years, I was not happy about this fee so I began the dreaded search of finding a new bank. I searched everywhere -- big banks, small banks, credit unions, online banks -- and finally came across Everbank. I used their chat feature on their website and spoke with Dennis. Dennis was very helpful and friendly, explaining all the great features of Everbank. The sign up process is a bit different than most banks, as I was required to mail the paperwork in along with a check. Dennis was kind enough to give me a prepaid label to overnight this with Fedex.

Approximately two days later, my accounts were open and I setup my online access. Since this moment, I have been very pleased with the service that I have received from Everbank. Every phone call has ended in a resolution to a problem. The online banking layout and smartphone app gets the job done. The only thing I would admit that I wasn't pleased with was the fee for online bill pay (unless you maintain a $5,000 daily balance). This is a minor problem, as I don't use online bill pay often.

I am baffled by the other e-mails for Everbank and the problems people have experienced. I have three accounts open with Everbank and have no intention in looking for another bank for a very long time.

If you are currently looking for a new bank, look no further than Everbank. I am sure you will be pleased.

Worst Ever!

Posted by: investor50 | Sep 4, 2014

There is a reason they lure new applicants with "higher rates"! Don't waste your time applying!
Most stupid bank ever!

Take A Look At Their Fees Before Grabbing The High Interest

Posted by: moore2772 | Dec 14, 2013

Their fees are actually even higher than the big banks for things like bill pay, writing checks, etc. Study the website before taking the bait chasing interest rates.

Everbank's Lousy Website

I tried to open an online account, but it won't let me past the "Disclosures" screen. All of the progress boxes are fine, but it won't go forward unless I download Adobe Reader, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE!

I decided to put my money in another bank. After all, if Everbank can't even get the new account process right, imagine how they will do once they have your money!

Banker Beware!

Posted by: bugmenot | Jun 4, 2013

I'm a new Everbank customer and am finding that every step of the way, there has been a problem. They "hold" money over a certain amount for five business days minimum, even though it was withdrawn from my other bank already. They blame it on the clearing house. Yes, those electrons take a long time to get from my other bank to Everbank. Some of their phone reps are pleasant, but mostly snotty with a "screw you" attitude- "that's the way we do it- you should have read the terms and conditions" as I was told. Everbank truly does suck and I'm profoundly sorry that I ever went through the nightmarish process of opening accounts with them. Beware- they are everything you don't want a bank to be. I will be gone soon.

Incompetent And Rude Staff

This bank is so fishy and rediculous. After I submited my application, they asked for extra documents no other bank requires. They expect you to compromise your security by mailing them your social security card!

Cooperating with them is also useless. I just never heard back from them and had to call them. Customer service is unhelpful and condescending. They said they couldn't verify my info, and they just dismissed me without explanation. I never had a problem with any other bank in the past or present. It just shows their sheer stupidity if it's true that their system couldn't verify my identity. Glad I didn't give them the large sum of $ I was going to put in their bank. I'm more than happy to take my business elsewhere. I already conviniently opened an account with another bank, without any of their nonsense.

It was a waste of time to deal with their painful system that froze a few times.

They Refused To Open My Account

Posted by: kelewele | Apr 8, 2013

I was excited to see all the positive reviews this bank got on this site. The rates looked good, and they seemed to have all the features I wanted. I went through the entire online application process, filled and signed all the paperwork and sent it in by fax. And nothing happened.

I called to follow up and was told that Everbank has declined to open the account because my company has an affiliate abroad. Duh, I run an export business.

Very disappointed, and would not recommend for international companies. My search continues.

Ethical Problems

Posted by: campcop1 | Dec 7, 2012

This bank has a problem in it's business ethics as far as backing out of oral contracts and offers and is a detriment to the economic growth in the Jax, Fl. area. I know personally 2 times jobs have been offered and verified and told to give notice to old jobs to then be told after the fact that they were withdrawing because of a reason that turned out to be not even legal. They are slowly adding to the unemployment in Jax by doing this and if I live in a different county and know this, how many people have they actually done this to? I'm not sure if a relative needed the job and they were slow in applying or what. It may be a moral problem but there is no ethics with morals, so.....

I certainly wouldn't feel right trusting them with my money as they treat people that poorly.

I've Been Impressed So Far, Excellent Customer Service!

Posted by: jdibella | Jun 3, 2012

I switched from Wells Fargo to EverBank and so far I have been impressed. I filled out my application online, printed it, faxed it in and mailed in my opening deposit. EverBank provided me with a FedEx account number to overnight my check to them. The account was opened in about two days. I setup my online account and accessed both personal and business checking accounts very quickly. I made my first iPhone deposits that night and everything was deposited the next day.

Customer service has been great, something I wasn't used to as a former Wells Fargo customer. I received all the answers I needed and was very pleased with the information. The technology with the bank seems to be very good. The web interface for online banking takes a little getting used to, but after using it for a while now I have become accustomed to it. The EverOne feature is very neat, very similar to Mint.com.

I highly recommend EverBank to anyone in need of a checking account but doesn't have a need of withdrawing cash often or depositing cash. I keep an account with a local bank in case I never need to cash a check or deposit cash (rare) but overall EverBank provides me all that I need.

Be aware that Bill Pay is not free unless you keep an average daily balance of $5,000. I don't need this all that much and when I do I can simply use my local bank. Other than that, no fees whatsoever for my account. Thank you EverBank!

Love My Everbank Accounts! Great Bank That Now Has A Footprint In Florida. HOORAY

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 7, 2012

Love my EverBank Accounts! Great bank that now has a footprint in Florida. HOORAY!

Excellent Service And Competitive In Every Way

Posted by: SAPete | Feb 3, 2012

I have used EverBank since 2009, and never had anything than complete satisfaction. Anytime I phone them, they are very responsive, so polite and easy to work with. High interest rates (relatively) on deposits, pre-paid mail-in deposit slips, ATM fee refunds, all add up to a bank that is the polar opposite of the gouging practices of many of the major banks that I shall leave nameless. Add to that, that they are a pleasure to deal with, I highly recommend this bank.

Easy Online Purchase

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 3, 2011

18 months ago it was easy and simple to purchase a great rate CD. No issues whatsoever. Looking at buying another since they've got great rates again.

I Tried To Open An Account Back In 2008

Posted by: Anonymous | May 13, 2010

I tried to open an account back in 2008. I finished the on-iine application but had some questions and decided to call them. It appeared they don't have customer service. Nobody picked up the phone. After three attempts I sent them email that I'm cancelling the application.