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My review of Barclays bank

I have a savings and a checking account with Barclays. While not living in NYC, I decided to go to grad school here in NYC so when I moved I decided to get a local bank (although there are tons of banks in NY).

One area that I like with Barclays online banking is that of the online CD's. I can put my money into a CD all online without having to go into the bank. That is a nice feature because with my old bank back in Alabama, I would have to go physically go in the bank and say I wanted to transfer money into a CD. Then I would have to wait, meet with someone, confirm what I wanted to do, sign some papers, then drive home. The entire process would take maybe 2 hours. Now, I can literally go on my phone on their app, spend maybe 30 seconds and have my money in a short term CD.

There are no fees associated with CD's, but the reason I gave 3 stars is due to the fees associated with obtaining personal checks. Back in Alabama everyone writes personal checks, but I guess in NY it isn't as common.

Best Mobile/Web Interface for a Bank

From a bank perspective, Barclays is a good, solid bank. There is nothing flashy about the products offered, but the fees and associated costs are standard across the board and fair in comparison to the other competitors/big banks. However, the real benefit is their web interface and apps which make the experience that much better. I have both my checking and savings with Barclays and always enjoy checking in because I find their web-based products easy and, actually, fun to use. This really goes a long way to making for an enjoyable experience, particularly, as a young person who is sometimes a little hesitant to face my finances head-on.

Barclays online banking

Barclay's offers a very good rate for their savings account. The sign up was very simple, and it linked very easily to my daily banking account (with Bank of America). Everything was automated, and I did not need to interact personally with human staff. The base interest is very clear; however, they offer a bonus interest for which the conditions are a bit opaque. I was a bit confused about the exact rate that the bonus offered as well as the savings or deposit conditions that would grant me the bonus.

Great Online Savings Account with SOLID Interest Rate

I've been very pleased with my experience using Barclay's. Obviously, they have many locations in the UK, but they've opened up online accounts to US citizens. I haven't been disappointed. I've gotten great customer service. I've called frequently to adjust the amounts of the monthly deposits that I've been able to set up using they online system, which is quite convenient. I once called to set up an additional account, which was a smooth and seamless process. I waited on hold for maybe less than 2 minutes, and the process was very quick and easy. My deposits process quickly from my checking account, and there are great rewards for depositing consistently into your account. Again, I would highly recommend this online savings account to anyone, especially someone who is looking for a savings account with a good interest rate with easy access to their funds when they need it.

Easy Online Savings with Barclays

I applied for a Barclays Online Savings in December 2015, because I wanted an easy, accessible account that would require little maintenance on my behalf. After doing some research and finding out that Barclays savings offered 1.00% interest, better than most other banks were offering, and it seemed to be low maintenance in style, and I think at the time it had a low deposit minimum, maybe $100.00. Since then I've deposited $50 to $200.00 monthly, and I can make up to 6 withdrawals a month, and I've had no problems. I have honestly never had to contact customer service in any capacity with this bank, and this is a first for me. There are no hidden fees, and it think its near impossible to overdraft this type of account because they block you if you try to go over your withdrawal limit. Overall, my experience with Barclays Online Savings has been very positive and I see myself having this account for a very long time.

A great bank to do business with!!

I have a savings account with this bank and they rank pretty high compared to other banks I have dealt with. The customer service is very helpful. I had a problem with a deposit one time and I did not realize it at first. The deposit amount was not correct. As soon as I found out, I called and they handled it immediately. There was no waiting a couple of days it was done right then and there. You do not have long wait times either when you call the customer service line. I like the fact that there was no minimum amount for the opening deposit. That sets them aside from most banks. I will be with Barclays for a long time to come. I would also recommend them to all my friends and family.

Great Savings

We have several different accounts with Barclays and have used them for nearly eight years. We have been very pleased with our savings account. They have been upfront with us from the beginning and there are no hidden fees, minimum limits, or service charges on our account. It is very easy to deposit money into the account with their great automatic deposit plan. The interest rate has been consistent throughout the entire time we've had our savings account with them.We just sit back and watch it grow each month. We are very happy with the great customer service, and online banking services. We have easy access to our account, any time we want to do any kind of online banking, or actually talk to a representative, it is very convenient for us. I would highly recommend Barclays if you are in search of a great traditional savings plan.

Barclays dream account is great way to save for future and unforeseen circumstances!!

We love our Barclays dream account. We had been searching for somewhere to put some money away for potential emergencies, yet have a decent interest rate. It is easy to get at if we need to, yet has awesome benefits in the form of bonuses if left untouched. It was definitely better than what our local bank could offer in their savings account. Customer service is great and the online banking is super easy to use. We couldn't ask for better all around service. We looked all over for the best option and felt that this savings account offered by Barclays is the best around. Honestly, we couldn't find any thing better, and we looked for quite awhile before making our decision. We highly recommend it! If you are looking for a great way to save with great benefits and awesome customer service, look no further! We love our Barclays account!

Barclay's makes it easy to save

I opened a Barclay's savings account over a year ago. I actually opened a savings account called the Dream Account, because it has a great savings rate. The rate right now is at 1.05% APY. It's the highest I have ever seen with a bank. With this Dream Account, there additional ways to earn interest as well. To earn this bonus interest, you have to make monthly consecutive deposits for 6 months. They will give you a bonus interest of 2.5% on the interest earned during those 6 months. On top of that, you can earn an additional bonus if you do not make withdrawals for 6 consecutive months. They will give you another 2.5% bonus on the interest earned during those 6 months as well. So this system encourages you to save. It has helped me add to my savings, because I want to earn the bonuses. It's like getting free money. The only drawback with this account is that there is a maximum monthly deposit of $1000. I have never tried to deposit an amount over $1000, so I don't know what happens if you try to deposit over the max. But, to overcome that, Barclay's allows you to open 3 Dream Accounts. So you could put away $3000 a month by splitting it among the 3 accounts. The bank also has a regular savings account with no maximum deposit limit. The rate is a little lower, but still high compared to other banks. Right now it's at 1.00% APY. They also offer CD's as well. But I really like the Dream Account. It makes savings easy, and it encourages me to save. Because of the rates and additional bonuses, my savings account continues to grow, and that makes me a very happy customer.

Great Interest Rates for a Hands-Off Savings Account

Barclay's offers incredibly competitive savings account rates for their online accounts in the US, over 1% APY, which is much higher than any brick and mortar bank. So far I have had no problems, and have gained more interest in a year than I ever could at a traditional bank. If I did need to get in touch with someone over a complicated problem, I think it wouldn't be the smoothest experience, but overall I am happy since the account I have with Barclay's is very "hands off."

Barclays Review

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Barclay's Banking. I love the 1% APY on savings, it makes the account worth it. I have never had any problems with my account and have never needed to contact customer service. The online banking website is easy to use and very user friendly. I can easily view my account and see my funds. Deposits and withdraws are easy. Sometimes they aren't the fastest but I have never had instant transfers of funds at any bank. My only complaint is that the mobile portal isn't the best. I still haven't been able to figure out how to use it properly and just end up using the website for checking my accounts and dealing with funds instead. Overall, I would recommend Barclay's because of the 1% APY. If you can deal with slower transfers and a lacking mobile portal then it is logistically worth it to bank here.

Banking with Barclays

I have a checking account with Barclays for past 5 years and have been very pleased with the service. The terms and conditions were made simple and easy to understand while opening the account. Barclays was also kind enough to waive a late charge as a courtesy adjustment when I was late for a payment. Their customer care is also well attended and person calling has to spend less time on automated voice and can speak with a real person soon. Barclays also offered customized products based on my balance which aligned with my needs and gave good returns.

Reliable customer service

I really enjoy banking with Barclays because the customer representatives there give us the best experience compared to other banking institutions. I have a savings account with them and there was a couple times where I had some issues accessing my account online. The people working there were able to help me resolve this in a matter of minutes. For example one time I was locked out of my account and I called Barclays for assistance. They were able to tell me quickly that there were multiple attempts of incorrect password use online so they temporarily disabled my account. The interest rates there also seem to be more competing to bigger banks like wellsfargo and Bank of America.

Experience with Barclay US

I used to have an online savings account with Barclays a few years ago. The whole process of obtaining the account was very easy because it was done electronically. I wanted an online savings account with a higher interest rate because the local branches like Chase and Bank of America all have very low interest rates on savings accounts. I already had a Barclays credit card so I decided to open up a savings account with them. The process was very easy and the rates were much higher. I also considered Discover Bank but wanted to stay within the Barclays family of products. The website is very easy to use and it was easy for me to transfer money from/to other external accounts if I wanted to withdrawal money. I eventually closed the account because I was not using it and held very little balance. I moved all of my savings to a CD with a higher rate at a different bank.

Barclays Dream Account Benefits

Posted by: sofiakirk | May 19, 2017

My girlfriend and I opened a Barclays Dream Account in our mid-20's because the interest rates were fantastic. We had no prior experience with Barclays, and we shopped around extensively before determining that the Dream Account was the best way to grow our savings with absolutely no risk of losing our initial investment. Barclays customer service was fantastic, and our account was ready to go in minutes. Their online platform is incredibly easy to use, and we were able to totally automate our savings in no time using their convenient online transfer options. Thanks to Barclays, we were able to grow our savings substantially over the next couple of years, and we began saving and investing more aggressively. I would highly recommend the Barclays Dream Account to anyone who wants to safely and securely grow their wealth.

Great for an online account

I have an online savings account with Barclays. I've been with them for about 4 years and I can confidently say "so far so great." I originally opened the account because they were running a promotional APR interest rate. And even though the rate has gone down in recent years, I have stayed with them. Their login is simple, and you can customize it with pictures so you know you're in the right account. I customized my login with travel pictures to remind myself what I'm saving for. Customer service is exactly as you expect it. I have only had to contact them once In my 4 years, but they responded back promptly and answered the question. I think they are a great option for a savings account. You can link to any other bank, and have you money within 3 business days. I am very happy with them and plan to be with them for the forseeable future.

Barclays Bank - Good Option

I was a little hesitant to venture into the world of online banks, but with some of the recent issues in the news related to physical banks, I started to ease my apprehension. Since signing on with Barclays, I have been very pleased with the customer service and online options/app. It's user friendly and if I do have any issues, their customer service is high quality and features representatives who know what they are doing and can answer questions quickly. That's huge in this disconnected world full of automated machines looking to save money. The fees are sometimes a little burdensome, but nothing too bad compared to a brick and mortar bank. Overall, I have been pleased with this foray into online banking and think Barclays has hit it out of the park with their ventures. If you are tired of the old brick and mortar, I would absolutely give them a try.

Barclays is a good deal

I currently have an online savings account with Barclays bank. They have the lowest insufficient funds fee that I can find, and also %1 APY on savings. The best option I could find!

Online Banking

I recently started looking into online banking opportunities. I read a lot of reviews and liked the idea of the convenience online banking is. I had several credit cards and some offered personal checking,savings,CDs,iras as well as other offers. I decided to try out personal checking. I moved my personal checking account and savings account to Barclays Bank. They offered very competitive rates and fees and a lot of other services. Now that I've been using it for months now I couldn't be happier. The convenience is great and customer service has been outstanding. I ordered all my checks online and had some questions about some offers and the customer service department hooked me up with an expert who gave me very professional and outstanding advice. I am going to be looking into college accounts for my grandchildren. I highly recommend Barclays Bank to anyone in need.

Savings account for child

I opened an online savings account at Barclay's for my child, because it was a very easy to do. They also had the best rates offered at the time I was doing was research. I opened a dream account. It's a savings account that provides an extra bonus of interest for every 6 consecutive months when I place a monthly deposit, and then there is an additional bonus of interest for every 6 consecutive months if I do not take out a withdrawal. It's very easy to take advantage of those bonuses. I have an auto transfer occur every month from my bank account into his account, and I never plan to withdraw his money. It's a perfect account to have for a child. Since it was so easy, I also opened an additional savings account for me as well. The only issue with having this online account is not having instant access to your money. They don't provide debit cards. So I would have to initiate a transfer from Barclay's into my other non online bank, and I believe it could be a few days for the transfer to go through. However, it's not a big deal. It is a savings account, so only money I don't plan to use would go into it. Their rates beats any non online bank.

Barclays Reasonable Overall, Low Fees and Friendly User Interface

Posted by: marianyu | Mar 16, 2017

I began banking with Barclays as my primary savings account provider in 2014. I have been satisfied ever since. External accounts are fairly easy to add and set up. I have set up recurring ACH transfers from my external checking account to my Barclays savings accounts and they always transfer by the next business day, which is much better than the 5-7 business day estimate for most banks. There are no fees that I am aware of and I have never been charged a fee. The interest rate on the online savings accounts varies by account from 1-1.05%, which, in this economic environment, beats out many competitors. I have earned interest that I would not have otherwise if I had banked with competitors. I have been satisfied with the little communication required to set up the account and I have had no adverse issues dealing with routine maintenance of the accounts.

Great rates! Poor customer service.

Barclays are definitely competitive in their rates which is very useful, the website is easy to navigate and easy to understand which is definitely a plus as some banking sites can have so many sublinks and tabs that can get confusing or trying to find the log on page but not with Barclays. The transactions are quick and instant which is very welcomed and nice to have. My only big concern is their customer service sometimes it's very hard to get a reply in a timely fashion which is weird as they are a historic banking company you would think they would be on the ball in that regard but I've called and emailed a couple of times for somewhat trivial and legitimate matters and they have taken extremely long to get back to me. All in all I'm satisfied with Barclays as everything has pretty smooth in which I'm glad I don't have to go to their customer service page often. I would recommend them as their rates are very good and competitive and their website is a breeze to use.

Banking with Barclays

I opened a savings account with Barclays because their interest rate was a little better than the rate my traditional bank offered and their monthly service fees are lower than my traditional banks. Their customer service was very prompt when answering questions and it was very easy to start an account with them. The main down side I have to banking with Barclays is that they do not have traditional branches. If I have cash or a check I want to deposit there is no conveniently located branch or ATM that I can go to. I have to send it in. This inconvenience made me much less likely to send in cash and limited the total amount I had in my savings. Barclays is perfectly suited to handle online transfers of funds but tangible cash and checks take too long to be a viable option for me.

Not for the Little Guy

I was highly disappointed with this bank. The fees were higher than I'd seen with other institutions, for one thing. My main problem with Barclays was that they wouldn't cash even small checks if I didn't have enough money in my checking account to cover them if they bounced. Other banks I'd dealt with typically allowed me to do so on smaller amounts, like under $500. Barclays wouldn't even allow that for checks of $30. Seems to me this bank is more suited to wealthier people. In addition, I typically had to wait in line for long periods of time. Often the waits seemed long because people in front of me had problems with fees they'd been charged and didn't expect or think they deserved. At other times, tellers took a lot of time trying to sell customers on other bank services.

Savings: They Hold Your Money For More Than 10 Days!

I have been a customer for years, and I have never had this issue with them before.

I have a savings account on which I make regular deposit. I recently made a deposit of 15k. After 5 days of my funds to be on hold (funds taken from my checking bank account from another bank right away), I contacted customer services. No reply. The next day I contacted them again, no reply. I eventually sent 8 emails and finally got a generic reply: Funds are held minimum 5 days and more than 10 days if we need to verify the funds. However my account was plenty verified! And yet, my funds are still on hold.

I will cancel this account for 100% lack of support and more importantly I can't trust that I will be able to retrieve my funds, even after 8 emails.

Banking with Barclays

For the most part, I haven't had any problems with my Barclays savings account. It was pretty easy to set up and link my other checking accounts to it. It pays a higher interest rate than a savings account at my brick and mortar bank. If I had to complain about anything, it is that they don't have a mobile app (or at least they didn't at the time I opened the account). That would make things so much more convenient!

Great Customer Service

This past year, my debit card expired and I was overseas. Although I was away, I depended on my bank account for financial needs and especially my visa debit card was an irreplaceable part of it since I would use it on ATMs for money withdrawal. So when the card was expired, I went on Barclays Bank website and contacted customer service through chat. The chat agent was very friendly and immediately asked me how I wanted to be helped. I told her I was overseas and my card was expiring that month. She said that wasn't a problem, she just needed my current address so that she can place an order for me for a new card. I gave her all the details and she confirmed she'd placed an order for a new card and she told it wouldn't take more than a week for it to arrive. That sounded too good to be true but it ended up being actually true. In 5 days from the time I chatted with the bank's agent, my card had arrived. So I really can't recommend Barclays enough in terms of customer service.

My first savings account: Barclays Online Banking

Posted by: reednunez | Jan 17, 2017

I found Barclays in an online article, listed as offering the savings account with the absolute best interest rate of any available in 2015. I quickly decided to open an account with them as I endeavored to build my savings. I'm a young college student, so this was my first time having a real savings account. I wanted to get as much as I could out of my relatively small income (I have a few part-time jobs) and I am pleased to say that the Barclays Online Savings Account's high interest rate absolutely empowered me to do so. As for the other aspects of the site, those were perfectly satisfactory as well. The interface is modern, visually appealing and intuitive, and it's relatively simple so that all possible actions--transferring money, account settings--are easy to find. I cannot speak to the quality of Barclays' customer service, never having needed to contact them, although I think that fact in itself speaks to the website's ease of use. All in all, I'm very pleased with Barclays and intend to continue banking with them for as long as their interest rate remains highly competitive.

Quality Bank for those looking online

Posted by: PJCt | Jan 16, 2017

Was never a huge fan of the brick and mortar bank and it was more a hassle than anything to have to go there. When I heard about the spread of online banks, I took a look around and decided with Barclays due to my past experience with their credit card being positive.

Overall, I'm happy with the experience. Their user face is a bit bland and no frills and their app could be better, but overall the service is excellent and fees are low, which is the most important thing. Additionally, another key factor is customer service and I have to say I am happy with Barclays. Definitely some improvements that can be made, but, aside from Discover, Barclays has been the most positive customer service I've had with a financial institution. I hope they keep improving, but the current quality is more than sufficient.

If you're looking for simple, low-fee banking, Barclays should definitely be an option.

Low Maintainance just like me.

Posted by: KimS | Jan 13, 2017

I am originally from the UK and had been banking with Barclays for many years. My company sent me on assignment to the US initially for just a couple months' that was over a year ago and I'm still here! It was becoming a hassle not having a local bank account, and so when it came time for me to sign up for one here in the US, I opted to go with a brand I know, Barclays. I was happy to find out that just like in the UK, Barclays offers really high savings rates (comparatively). I don't mind that it is only an online bank (I had gotten used to not going into a branch for assistance) because their customer service is still pretty helpful. I do expect that I will be sent on another assignment soon, and I think Barclays is working out great with the high level of interest and the low level of monthly fees, the fees are far lower than the domestic local banks I had considered. For my particular needs, Barclays works ideally.

Barclays - Feels like home

Posted by: Kimmerly | Jan 12, 2017

I am originally from the UK and had been banking with Barclays for many years. My company sent me on assignment to the US initially for just a couple months that was over a year ago and I'm still here! It was becoming a hassle not having a local bank account, and so when it came time for me to sign up for one here in the US, I opted to go with a brand I know, Barclays. I was happy to find out that just like in the UK, Barclays offers really high savings rates (comparatively). I don't mind that it is only an online bank (I had gotten used to not going into a branch for assistance) because their customer service is still pretty helpful. I do expect that I will be sent on another assignment soon, and I think Barclays is working out great with the high level of interest and the low level of monthly fees are far lower than the domestic local banks I had considered. For my particular needs, Barclays works ideally.

On-Line Banking Made Easy

Posted by: JCKyle | Jan 12, 2017

For many years, all we had were the standard "brick and mortar" type banks. With the profound impact of the internet, it is now easy to avoid long lines, inconvenient hours and mediocre customer service. My acquaintance with Barclays began when I participated in a qualifier tournament for the U.S. Open, several years ago. As part of the "swag" bag of gifts received was a brochure for Barclays. Due to my association with the PGA, and participation in the tournament, I was offered a gift card for joining. While the gift came in handy, the experience has been superb. I can use the mobile app for deposits, access their site for easy transfers from one account to another, and can use almost any ATM to make deposits or get cash. The site is secure, compatible with my own security software and customer service is always just a "chat" away, anytime of the day or night. For my banking needs, this was the best decision I ever made.

Barclays Savings

Posted by: Hoplite | Jan 2, 2017

I have been using a Barclays savings and dream account for the last 4 months. The Interest rate is higher than most certificate of deposit options available now. They have been easy to transfer money into and out of without any issues. There are several downsides as, in the U.S., we are only able to have savings accounts with Barclays so you will need more than one bank to utilize a checking account. Barclays also doesn't have an app for mobile devices so it is somewhat inconvenient if you primarily check your accounts from your phone.

Barclays Bank Dream Savings Account

Posted by: blbanker53 | Jan 1, 2017

Great online bank with one of the highest yields and no fees. This is the main reason for maintaining a Barclays Dream Account. However, the lack of a mobile app is disappointing. The online website isn't the greatest either. I have rarely needed to use customer service, but it doesn't seem as accessible as other major US banks. The monthly deposit limit is different. I am not aware of banks that do not want more money deposited. But, with my limited financial resources, this is often not an issue. If anything, it gives me a monthly target goal to reach, so I like it. Also, the bonus interest paid every six months for no withdrawals and always making a deposit each month is added incentive to use this account as a vehicle for stashing savings and never taking out any money. Overall, the great yield on the account makes this worth keeping long term to build up my emergency fund

Barclay's Online Dream Account great for kids

Posted by: Jacmori | Dec 30, 2016

I was looking online to open a bank account for my baby, and I found this one. It was easy to open a joint account online, and no minimum deposit was required. I decided to open the Dream Account because it rewards you if you make 6 months of consecutive deposits, and then there is an additional reward if you do not make any withdrawals for 6 consecutive months. So I just have my local bank transfer money into this account every month. Which is very simple, and it can all be done online. Another reason I decided to open an online account with them is that they have one of the highest savings rates in the industry. Since it was so simple to do, I decided to to open an additional savings for myself and transfer all my savings from local bank into this new online account, and I also opened a couple CD accounts, since the rates are higher than most. It was all very simple to do and only took a few minutes. Every time you make a transaction, you get notified by email so you always know whats going on. One thing that some people may not appreciate is that you won't have quick access to your money, if you need it for an emergency. There is no debit card and money has to be transferred to your local bank account which can take a couple days. But, that all can be avoided just by not putting your emergency funds into this online account.

As far as online banking goes, Barclays does some things right, needs work in other areas.

For the most part Barclay's is on par with my expectations and so long as everything goes smoothly I doubt you'll have a problem. However, when an issue does arise, I hope your experience will be better than mine. After noticing an erroneous amount showing as a deduction in our account with little recollection for withdrawing that amount, I called customer service to find out what it was. In the course of the conversation, I was told it was a bank fee, an error in the system, I must have taken it out, and "I don't know." The matter was eventually resolved, but not until several days and several long phone calls had passed. Up until that point, I was a completely satisfied customer, but their customer care team left little to be satisfied about at the time. We closed our account not too long down the road after the incident.

Worse Bank Ever

Tried to open a large CD. Online application was denied. No reason why Called customer service. They requested copy of my social security card, drivers license and a bank statement with my name on it. I sent all this in. After two weeks, I called and they told me they need a bank statement more recent than the sept 2016 statement I sent in. I told them they are ridiculous and I would take my business elsewhere.

Be Careful

Barclays online process is not upfront. The setup process does not have backup to allow customer to confirm new account setup worked properly. They say a test deposit will be made but instead the bank just takes money from the account before person has chance to review and confirm, etc. this process needs to have a couple of steps so a person understands the accounts setup worked properly and can ensure funds are in proper place. Beware because if they take your money they will not give it back for 5 days. Argument is they don't actually have money yet from bank but want to pay you interest faster. What about a method that I can be confident in and in control. A simple slip up on touchscreen could cost someone a ton of money. For example maybe you accidentally tapped I. An extra zero and transfer 1000000 rather than 10000. You can't get a correction for 5 Days. Yikes! They need to be especially careful with first time customers so all goes smoothly. Customer service people are pleasant but I hate the Nothing we can do excuse because there is always something a business can do. They just choose NOT to do it.

Website And System Needs Improvements

Posted by: Saver1 | Sep 29, 2016

Barclays saving is a good online bank. Their website needs improvements though. Emails to customers about transfers/deposits being posted and completed are being sent out days before it actually happens. Customer service confirmed this is happening. When a new customer links an external account, it takes a couple days for the test deposits to show up which is normal. However, an email is immediately sent out about test deposits already sent and to go ahead and verify it. Also, when a deposit into Barclays is made, an email is being sent out saying that it has been posted and completed. I called and it will take 8 more days for this to complete. Why are emails being sent out beforehand with the incorrect info?
This is resulting in confusion and misplaced trust in their system. Even more unnecessary calls to customer service will go out, increasing costs and more wasted time.
Website quality assurance should be a priority. There is no mobile app which is a real bummer because it would be easier to use than the mobile website, which is not very user friendly.

I like that they have no hidden fees and their dream account is nice to have. Hoping for their website, email improvements.

Barclays Review

Posted by: Khyati | Sep 28, 2016

I opened Barclays savings account about 7 months ago. The online sign up process took less than 15 minutes. I loved how it let me choose the name for what purpose this savings will be e.g. House, Student loans etc. It was easy enough to link this account to my salary account for automatic monthly deposits concurrent to my salary days. Also, currently Barclays has the highest interest rate of 1.05% APY. If you are doing deposits every month for 6 months and don't withdraw your money in those 6 months, Barclays gives you extra interest on the interest you accrued on all the interest. The only draw back is, this account only lets you put maximum $1000 per month. But overall I love the features, how easy to operate this account and of course the highest interest rates. I haven't used their app though so cant say much about it.

Great rates for secure CDs

I had been saving a great amount of money from my paychecks in order to put a down payment for a condo that I wanted. I started noticing however that no matter how much money I had in my savings account it would just sit there barely earning any interest which did not seem fare to me especially knowing how the banks use the money available. I started shopping for Certificate of sflimoexpress.net around my city but none of them seem to be a good fit either because of the lower rates or because I just did not trust bank performance. A friend of mine told me he had done business with Barclays and that it was a great bank. I decided to check it out and yes just like my friend said great rates. It was a little difficult getting thru the application process as I had to give and send a lot of information. However this made me trust them in how secure things were at the bank. After about 3 years it was time for my CD to finish the term and I was immediately contacted by one of their bankers showing me the options that I had to either retrieve my money or to continue with a different account. It was great to have someone call me as this made my experience very personal and it showed that they cared about my money and how much it could grow. Needless to say I would be happy to do business with Barclays again.

No Complaints at All

I've had a high yield savings account with Barclays for a number of years and have had no problems whatsoever. Their online banking platform is easy and intuitive. I can move money in and out of the account with no problems. They are available 24/7 if I ever have any issues or questions. Issue free banking - what else could I ask for?

A great international bank

I am originally from the UK. All my life, growing up in England, I was familiar with Barclays. It is one of the most popular banks in England, and very well respected. It was where I opened my very first bank account at the age of 14. Thus, when I moved to the USA, I was happy to find that Barclays was in service here as well. I felt somehow that they were more trusted. Barclays is a name that I can trust. It is nice having a seamless service in various countries where Barclays operate, and to be able to use the ATM in other countries. As someone who travels often, this was a key selling point to me. I also feel that their fees seem to be bit lower than many of the popular US banks. My savings account has no monthly fee, which is great – why Should I need to Pay a bank money so that I can save my own money??!

Great Return on Savings Account!

Posted by: FrizzleD | Aug 29, 2016

I've been with Barclays for a short period of time now with an online savings account, and my experience has been great so far. First, the APY on the account is 1%, which is higher than anything else I found when considering a new account. The process of opening an account was very simple, and Barclays' communication with me via email was excellent. There are no fees on the account, and I was able to open the account with a small beginning balance. Since opening the account, I've spoken on the phone with one of their customer service reps about some questions I had, and the level of professionalism was good. They made things easy to understand and answered my questions. Using my account online has been simple and I can't say enough good things about Barclays. I'm so happy I made the decision to open an account with them rather than one of my local banks.

Barclays Online Savings

Posted by: drh44017 | Aug 5, 2016

Barclays Online Savings is a great fee-free online savings account. All you have to do is link your checking account to them, and you can transfer money into your savings account. They have decent interest rates, too.

Great Company

Posted by: ArdenSven | Aug 5, 2016

There's really no beating this bank when it comes to online banking. I've had a few different online savings accounts, but I've decided to switch almost all of it to Barclays. I've only had good experiences with their customer service when trying to set up accounts and using their online site. Their 1% APY is also one of the highest I've seen around and not needing a minimum balance to open made it very easy to open. You really can't beat the convenience of online banking and the perks it comes with!

Solid Savings Account

Posted by: Jjay | Jul 21, 2016

The Barclays saving account is pretty solid in most aspects. The interest rate is higher than most other saving accounts that I've found. That is definitely the most important factor for me along with the fact that are no nonsense monthly or annual "maintenance" fees. There is also no need for maintaining a minimum balance like some other savings accounts. You can also earn bonuses/rewards every six months for regularly depositing money and not withdrawing any from the savings account. I haven't had to call customer service many times, fortunately, but every time that I did call they were polite and helpful. If you're looking for a solid, no frills savings accounts that have no maintenance fees, then Barclas would be a very good choice.

Barclays 1% Savings Account

Posted by: MattChao | Jul 11, 2016

Online banking with Barclays is very easy. They have great options. Their savings account has a 1% saving rate with 6 withdrawals per period. For the average person, that is usually more than enough, and for me, this suffices to be a great place to store money compared to a traditional checking or banking account.

For online transactions, linking your accounts such as direct deposit or credit cards to it is as easy (if not easier) as it is at a traditional bank. Dealing with customer service, they are usually quick to respond and transparent. Fees are reasonable. Only disadvantage is awareness of other products. Not sure what else Barclays has to offer besides this and they never seem to advertise it to me. Of course, that can be a pro or con depending on what you want from your bank.

Excellent Product Portfolio, Great Customer Service

Barclay's has done a great job of rounding out their portfolio, delivering a great customer experience, and providing stellar customer service. Recently while tending to one of my savings accounts through them, there were some issues where deposits were being repeated on their own into the savings accounts. While I tried to nullify the transactions myself, ultimately I couldn't and had to contact their customer service team. While on the phone, I was put through to a person quickly who managed my expectations appropriately. Not only did they quickly find out what the issue was, they resolved it on the spot and sent a follow-up making sure I was happy with the end result. They were sincere in nature and left me feeling happy knowing that my business is appreciated. I would recommend their services to anyone.

Best Bank for your Money!

Posted by: MeganLC | Jun 28, 2016

I use Barclays for my online savings because it's Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is one of the most competitive in the market and it's easy to use and there are no fees associated with my accounts. The most important thing to me when I'm not using money is that it's working for me. Barclay's regular savings comes in at 1.00% APY, which is in line with other online banks but their Dream Account savings is 1.05% APY! The Dream Account is limited to a deposit of $1000/monthly but you can get extra money every 6 months if you consistently deposit funds and another bonus if you do not withdrawal funds--and it's not mutually exclusive! So as long as you continue to save money, you can get some extra money. The Dream Account is amazing because for me it encourages and motivates me to continue to save money because the bonus amounts make you feel good and help your account grow. If you want to deposit more than $1000/month into savings you can just deposit it into your regular Barclay's savings account. My local bank offered savings rates of .2% APY so it was a no brainer to switch to online banking. It doesn't bother me that I cannot withdrawal the money immediately from an ATM because my goal is to be saving money! But if I need to transfer funds, I can easily and quickly do it from my account. Their customer service is also very helpful. So if you want to save money and your savings make money without having to do anything extra, you should definitely bank with an online bank. If you want to make the most out of your money then do it with Barclay's!

High Interest Online Savings Review

Posted by: MichaelM | Jun 26, 2016

This review is in regards to Barclays online high interest savings account. At the time I decided to open my account with Barclays, I was looking for small ways to let my money work for me. Not in terms of getting rich, but just making good decisions each day with money which would become habit and add up over the course of my lifetime. In addition to shopping around on bills and paying closer attention to my purchases, I became acutely aware of where I was parking some of my excess funds. It was during this time period where I realized that a checking account was not the greatest decision for these funds. At the time, the amount of cash up for debate was not significant enough to purchase stocks or mutual funds; moreover, longer term investments, such as CD's, were unattractive because of the withdrawal stipulations that came with the higher interest. While doing my research, I came across Barclays online savings account which offered a higher yield than most 1 year CDs these days and no withdrawal penalties. This moved seemed like an obvious choice and has been very good to me ever since. Opening the account was easy, and their customer service is wonderful. I'd certainly recommend them to anyone in a similar situation such as myself.

Barclays Online Review

Posted by: MrMcDuck | Jun 21, 2016

I signed up for a Barclays online "Dream Account" about a year ago. At the time I was searching for an internet bank and Barclays caught my attention due to their high interest rate. It was actually the highest (1%) that I found at that time. I love the ease of use, I take advantage of both, their website, and the mobile phone app. I prefer to utilize the app, since I do most of my online surfing via my phone. The set up is extremely user-friendly. The only knock is that I am unable to be issued an ATM card. This can be good, or bad depending how you look at it. When I signed up this appealed to me--it would help prevent me from making any dumb purchases. By the time I transfer the funds from my Barclays account to my external account, I've come to my senses and have avoided making many dumb purchases. I am extremely satisfied with my Barclays experience thus far.

Wonderful Savings Company!

I have recently been looking for a company where I can open a savings account but not have to worry about keeping a certain amount in there to avoid fees. I am trying to save money, but supporting two people on one income makes it hard, even harder if there are fees. I recently opened a joint savings account online through Barclays. I was very worried at first, because it just seemed way to easy. No fees, all online set-up, just plug in my bank information? How can it be that simple? There was definitely nothing to be worried about and it was so easy! I simply put in all of mine and my fiance's information and hit submit. I then received an email with confirmation and that was that! I was able to connect it to my personal checking account through another bank. From the website I can simply set up transfers to my savings account from my checking account or to my checking from my savings. I am so glad that I chose Barclays and definitely look forward to keeping a savings with them for a long time!

Best Bank Ever

Working with Barclays bank has been my best experience working with any bank. They were great since day one opening my accounting and everything was really easy and the people there treat you so good that it just makes you feel like part of the family. Managing my deposit is really easy because i am pretty much able to do everything on their mobile app or on my laptop. Things like deposits and transferring money to other accounts are always really simple and fast. I have a checking and also a saving account and i am always able to move money from one to the other with a simple button on my app and it is very secured and safe. So far everything is perfect with Barclays from my accounts to their costumer service it is all premium.

Barclay Savings Review

My experience with Barclay Bank is with the savings account. When I set up my account, it was easy to get started and they gave me all the information that I needed to know. It was my first time opening an account online, and they were quick to process everything and send me my account information. It was easy for me to add part of my direct deposit paycheck to enter my savings account each week and the interest rate was competitive. Because of banking with Barclays, I was able to achieve my savings goal for this year. I have only had to call them one time with a question. It was a quick call, and the customer service agent was friendly. Also, they're online banking is easy to use and they have a mobile app so I see my account on the go.

UK Connection

I am a business woman and I spend my time split between working in the US and working in London. For many years, I used another bank as my main provider. However, I had to use one back here in the US, and another bank in the UK. This was frustration because of the fees, the inconvenience, and the lack of access and communication between the two banks. It got to a point where it was very frustrating and inefficient. A colleague of mine recommended I switch to Barclays, which is widely respected in the UK. I am very happy I listened to him. So far this has allowed me to have a lot more seamless business transactions both here as well as when I travel. Barclays also has relationships with other financial institutions in other countries, which is something I needed to have. All in all, I am pleased. I would recommend Barclays as your home bank.

Excellent Savings

Posted by: BlakeRC | Jun 2, 2016

I have a Barclays Dream Savings account and have had nothing but great experiences so far. It is very rare to find a savings account with such fantastic return rates, but Barclays far outweighs the competition. Their site is simple to use (with no frills), and I have never had any problems making deposits or withdraws. Because of the ease of use I have never even had to contact their customer service for assistance.

Barclays banking pros and cons

Posted by: czar3090 | Jun 2, 2016

My experience with Barclays banking was mostly a fine experience. I have to say some of the pros of their banking system is the speed of the transactions from the online banking area. I mean the money transfers are instant and quick. I enjoyed their customer service as well they always helped me fast when I had any questions and always was quick to answer the phone when I called. They have pretty good rates when it comes to the services they have and the fees are pretty low compared to a lot of other banks. The savings accounts are set up real well with no annual fees so that is a bonus. I have not really looked into the CD's program I only have a savings account with them but I would say so far they have been very good.

Solid Institution

After having been burned and put through the wringer with several other banks I decided to go with a large, historic and established name. I have to say I haven't been disappointed with my choice. Barclay's does everything well in my book. Its a solid institution, offers a variety of products and offers surprisingly good terms. In just the small amount of money I have moved over into my accounts I have seen a steady rate of growth through the different investment options. I am not out to make a killing tomorrow, I am a patient investor and I feel like this bank understands that. Any issues or questions I have had have been dealt with in a quick and efficient manner. I am a satisfied customer and am always willing to sing Barclay's praises. In today's world how many of us can say that about banks?

Barclays, Pretty Good Banking For What Its Worth!

Posted by: DBA | May 16, 2016

Back when I had an account with Barclays, I always found it rewarding to use their online banking system, as it was so simple to use, in comparison to most banking websites. I carried an account with them for about 4 years, and one thing I always noticed and appreciated, was how Customer Friendly their Customer Service Team always was with me. For example, one time, I noticed an issue with my accounts, as there seemed to be activity I didn't recognize, as in purchases unauthorized and known to me. So, I called them up, was on hold no less then 2-3 minutes, got to a representative, told them my situation, and the next thing I knew, they had stopped my account, reversed the charges, and authorized sending me a new card and corrected any fees I had accrued during that time. The representative handled themselves in an extremely professional manner, and the whole call/situation was resolved within fifteen minutes! I had a sound peace of mind, and my bank account back to normal!!!

An International Bank To Plan For The Future

Posted by: BrianW | Apr 20, 2016

I live out in the middle of nowhere so I had to choose a bank to start saving money. I chose Barclays for this reason. I have never had a problem with their website and they offer a great savings account as well as great rates for their online C.D.s I also chose them for being a well known international bank that is reputable. I chose their "Dream Account" which allows me to deposit up to 1,000 dollars a month. This account allows for bonuses up to 5% every 6 months in interest earned as long as I continue to make deposits and don't withdraw. Don't worry if they don't have a physical location near you. Everything you want to do can be done online.

Complete Online Bank

Posted by: george2 | Mar 29, 2016

It's a completely online bank. I have never had any problems with them. They do have a Barclays building in Wilmington, DA that houses customer service, cc folks, and a few others. They really downsized a couple of years ago, so the group might be really small. You couldn't walk into the building and withdrawal money.

The only issue I didn't like is they can change the interest rate without advanced notice. The change from 1% to .9% was abrupt. Not enough to make me switch, but would have liked to have known within a reasonable amount of time. They also have a bit of a lag for incoming transfers. I believe it's 5 business days after transfer before you can use the money. This is a bit long as other banks require a day or two.

I would recommend it as long as you are simply parking money there and wiring it out once in awhile. I wouldn't recommend it if you plan to access the money multiple times a week as there are better accounts for such things.

Good In A Pinch, But A Little Costly.

Posted by: YoshT | Mar 29, 2016

I took up an account while I spent a sizable amount of time in London. The bank decor was sleek, simple, and very modern, and I should have known I would pay some fees. My account had an annual fee that I paid at the start of the year, and my debit card also had some fees to maintain, and there were international fees when I needed to exchange currency or use a debit card in another country. Aside from that, they were very accessible and the service was almost worth the cost! And their branch availability was very good while I spent time in London. Once I had a Barclay's ATM not recognize my card, but I think this was a fluke, because there was no issue with my card or other ATMs. Overall, a good line of services, but you will pay for the privilege, to a degree.

Savings With Barclays

Posted by: Jim2016 | Mar 24, 2016

I have been using Barclay's Bank for a while now, particularly for savings. The customer service could be improved a bit as I do not like interacting with an automated system every time I call to ask questions. However, once I do get to talk to Barclay employees, they are knowledgeable and helpful. In addition, the website is not the most user friendly and could be more intuitive, especially after logging in to review one's account. The best aspects of this institution are the fees, or better yet, lack thereof: there is no minimum balance to open an account and there are not monthly fees. This aspect is particularly appealing to me and is something other banks could learn from. The range of products seem to be above average as well: I have an account tailored to my individual needs (financial goals, savings per month, etc.). Overall, the experience has been pretty good so far.

Opening A Dream Account

Posted by: Leo2 | Mar 22, 2016

On February 25th, I decided to open a Dream Savings account with Barclays U.S. I opened the account that day and I entered in all of the information and just within three days, I was able to verify my current checking account at PNC with Barclays and start transferring money into the account. The savings account is better than anything I have ever seen before. I receive a 1.05 APR on the account alone with a 5 percent bonus every six months I consistently deposit money into it and refrain from taking any of the money out of the dream account. The only thing I wish I could change would be to be able to deposit more than just 1,000 dollars a month since I have a few thousand in my other savings right now and its only receiving .05 percent interest a year. Other than that, the bank has been great so far and the customer service has been great at answering all of my questions!

Excellent Service, Lackluster Website

Posted by: AmandaJoy | Mar 18, 2016

Barclays has excellent customer service. The representatives are friendly and knowledgeable and have always been able to help me resolve my issues, which are usually related to the website. I have a savings account with Barclays and my only qualm is their online technology. The app (for iOS) always seems to be undergoing upgrades and their website was most recently having issues with my apple computer and logging in, but as I said the staff has always been friendly and capable. Their return on investment is one of the best available for someone who is just starting out saving and investing with very easy to understand terms and no fees. I would highly recommend this bank and their money market and savings accounts to anyone out there.

Easy Account Setup

Posted by: vicdpp | Mar 17, 2016

We just opened three accounts with Barclays two weeks ago and setting up the accounts was really easy. No problems at all. I read that some people get nervous when their initial deposit is not clear by the next business day. As clearly explained in the account terms and conditions, Barclays will take 5 business days to process any deposit. So make sure to read the terms and conditions. Easy web interface and great rates for saving accounts. Really happy with the experience so far.

What A Great Place To Bank!

When I had an account with Barclay's before I moved, I was very happy with service. I had everything that I needed explained to me and the staff that I talked to over the phone was very patient. I will use this online banking again. I had been over-drafted due to some miscommunication and they cleared it up without a fuss! They listen and take care of their customers. I have used other companies but Barclay's is top notch. Never had any issue transferring money or having it deposited so I can't say enough great things. Thank You Barclays!

CD Rates Are Ok

Posted by: tehflip | Mar 10, 2016

I currently have a 12 month term CD with Barclays. The rate was better than my current investment account with Capital One bank. (formerly ING Direct) After shopping around about a month ago I opened the account. I used a site like this to start and compared a few other rates. Opening the account was relatively smooth. I was able to transfer the funds with my checking account with no fees. They also have a better rate than my current bank and I considered switching. I haven't had to contact the customer service center yet. I did setup the account online without any major issues. I would say I am tech savvy and those with moderate computer ability should be able to set one up easily enough. When the CD matures I will be able to have is transferred back to my account or reopen another one. I also had the option to have the CD disbursed monthly, which I did choose. That seemed like a nice option they had.

Barclays is a great bank

Posted by: LuxSmith | Feb 18, 2016

I opened my Barclays Savings account about 4 months ago. I was a bit nervous about using an online savings account. I have only used a savings account from a brick and mortar bank, but I took the leap and I am glad I did. I have not had any issues with the bank thus far. I have been using it to save for a bigger short term goal. The customer service people are helpful; they have answered many, MANY of my stupid questions. They have explained to me how to calculate interest and what the difference is between APY and interest rate. I have really enjoyed my time with Barclays thus far and I hope that they will continue to be a wonderful bank. They have exceeded my expectations so far and I am considering opening a CD with them.

One of the best banks ever!

Posted by: Lilly5592 | Feb 5, 2016

Barclays is hands down one of the best banks that I've done business with, ever! What stands out about them is the way that they encourage positive habits, which have helped me to reach some of my financial goals! I'm something of a savings account connoisseur because over the years, I have had many, from online only banks as well as their "bricks and mortar" competitors. From Barclays, I have the "dream account" and honestly, it could not have a better name. They offer incentives to help keep savers on track, for instance, I received a bonus on my interest for depositing money consecutively each month over a six month period. I also received another bonus for not withdrawing any money during that time, which gave me an extra incentive to keep my savings intact and to establish a healthy savings habit. Having these incentives helped me to be keep the account open and very well padded, both habits that will help me to continue to save in order to reach all of my financial goals!

Happy American

Posted by: Harrisp7 | Jan 25, 2016

I recently spent a year in the UK for schooling and wanting to use a locate bank. I found Barclays after many positive recommendations. I was very pleased to know that there were no minimum balances to join, as there were in other banks I was looking at. There online system made it easy for me to not only sign up for an account, but also allowed me to deposit money into my checking whenever and from where ever. Being an American, I went to visit home and was so happy to find out that I could use any ATM to with take out money I had deposited overseas. There were no hidden fees or maintenance fees on my account for the whole year. As a result when I moved back to America I decided to keep my account because I was so pleased with not only how easy the online system was to use, but also the customer service.

Great Bank Without a lot of Bells and Whistles

Posted by: ScottS | Jan 18, 2016

I signed up for a Barclays account after I was tired of the small interest rate I was getting from my traditional bank. The interest rate with Barclays was the highest that I could find in my research. The account was easy to set up, and security was never a concern of mine. The Barclays dashboard is super simple to use, but the interface does not offer a lot of "extras" like being able to mail a check to anyone in the U.S. like some of the other banks. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about Barclays and I will continue to be a customer for the foreseeable future!

Excellent Internet Banking Choice

Posted by: CDSCHM | Jan 18, 2016

For years we had been with our local bank. The thought of banking online scared me feeling like all our info was out there, but after we had one to many run-ins with our local bank and very poor customer service, we began to wonder if there was a better solution. So, we withdrew all our money and put it in a local credit union (Savings and Checking). Bad idea. They were worse than the local bank. They even turned us down for a credit card with $20,000 of our money in their accounts. Anyways, we began researching online banks and finally decided on Barclays because it was a well known name. They did not disappoint. They have awesome online customer service. When we have called, we haven't had to sit on hold forever. They were very responsive. Their website is safe and secure and very easy to use. I am so glad we are with them for our checking account. I highly recommend Barclays.

I Recommend Barclays Bank

Posted by: Peyton | Dec 29, 2015

Barclays is one of the best banks I've ever used.I trade stocks online so most of my money is ACH transfers through online banking. Barclays really make banking online easy and simple for there customers and the customer service is very helpful when I run into problems.I would like to say that i used other banks for my online business, but nothing really compare to Barclays and the way they run their banking business. Their fees are reasonable, and I love how they work with you to lower your fees. I've been with this bank for 5 years, and I have not ran into any major problems with Barclays. I love and highly recommend them.

Great Experience

Posted by: SamK | Dec 29, 2015

I opened my savings account, set up a direct deposit with my employer, and from there on it was simple. There are no minimum balances or monthly maintenance fees with Barclay's 1% APY. They do not have ATM access and I do all transactions by ACH and have never had any problems. I really appreciate the "savings assistant" feature. It allows you to set goals and monitor your progress on the fly.

Happy Customer

Posted by: ReeseAzza | Dec 28, 2015

I have been a customer a Barclays for a few years now and I am very satisfied with the service I have received. I have a savings account at the bank that gives me great rates and perks. I have had problems with a previous bank in regards to my account, they would overcharge me regularly and have fees that would often be hard to spot. When I switched my online savings account to Barclays, I got much more transparent service that gave me far more incentives than before. I bank requires no minimum balances as well, which made it easier to open an account. I was hesitant at first so I waited until I transferred more of my money in, but once the bank gained my trust, I was willing to put a majority of my savings in the bank. The CD's are also very hassle free at this bank, there are no hidden fees and I have seen more growth in my accounts in comparison to previous banks. Overall I have had great customer service and transparency with this bank and it's services.

Amazing Customer Service!

Posted by: n8zerdude | Dec 26, 2015

When I first opened up my account at Barclays, I accidentally typed $200 instead of $20. Yeah,that decimal makes a HUGE difference. The other bank I was transferring from ended up charging me overdraft fees up to wazoo. I tried calling "other bank" and explaining my situation. They threw the book at me and told me it was in their terms not to refund any fees.

So I gave it a shot and called Barclays. I was able to speak to a person who spoke fluently in English in a clear voice (I think that's an important thin if your job is to talk to customers. They worked with me - as a customer. They didn't just throw a book at me and tell me so sad too bad. They offered a solution to my problem. Wow, imagine that: a bank that cares about you as a person and not as an account with money. They refunded me all the overdraft fees that "other bank" charged me within a few days.

They know their stuff!

I was recently doing some research for a new bank and was told about Barclays. I had heard of them but had never done any business with them. I travel a lot so I have different needs than most people when it comes to banking and needed to get a hold of them to make sure that I would be able to do certain things that weren't listed on what the account could and could not do. I called them and was able to talk to a very helpful young lady who got all of my questions answered for me. She knew all of these things off the top of her head and did not even have to put me on hold. Again these are not standard questions and I was pretty shocked that it went that smoothly. I went ahead and checked with their chat support and they both said the same things. I was very impressed with how good their staff is.

Decent bank that does the trick

I opened a savings account with this bank in 2012 because I had just finished college and was looking for a place to start saving for retirement. I liked that there were minimal to no fees and the online account access page was very user friendly. A friend of mine had recommended me to this bank so I figured I would give it a shot. I did have one situation where I needed to contact customer service because my account had locked me out due to password protection. I found that the customer service line was quick and easy to use. Overall, I have been satisfied with this bank and would probably recommend this service to friends. I have have a few other savings accounts in the past, but this one seems the easiest to use. I will probably keep this account open for many years until I am ready to put the money into more long term and productive investments like Vanguard retirement savings plans.

Exceptional customer service

Posted by: Mutumbo | Dec 4, 2015

When I studied abroad in the U.K., I opened a bank account at Barclays so I could transfer money from my U.S. bank account. I had a savings and a checking account at Barclays. Having an account at Barclays allows the customers to access the standard features like online banking, check books, debit cards, etc.. What really set Barclays apart is their exceptional customer service. I once had trouble wiring money from my U.S. account to my Barclays checking account. The sum was stuck at the international clearing house. The U.S. bank was reluctant to deal with my issue and I became very frustrated as the sum was not negligible. Out of desperation, I approached Barclays to see what they can do about it. Even though they have little information, they were able to track down the sum of money and, thanks to their effort, the sum eventually went through and arrived in my Barclays checking account. Throughout the entire ordeal, the employees at Barclays were very professional and understanding. The customer service that I received was the best at any bank that I have done business with. I highly recommend Barclays if one has to deal with overseas transfer or other complicated matters on a regular basis.

Banking works

Posted by: nickelmama | Dec 1, 2015

I like this bank because I can do my online banking. I was very nervous at first but they make it easy to log in and get what I need done. Their rates are competitive. I find most places have the same rates after much research. I am hoping rates go up more on my savings so I can earn a higher rate. There are always fees involved but this bank keeps them to a minimum. I appreciate that!

Depositing a nightmare

I've been with Barclays bank for around 3 years now before cancelling my account forever with them. I"m also a member of American Express and Bank of America and have had experience with their customer service before so I can compare. My first ever horrible experience was when I called to complain about my monthly banking fees. I currently had a checking account and savings which my father helped me open and I have kept throughout the years. I had my identity stolen and most of my money was used in a low class gas station halfway across the country. Instead of calling to report the suspicious purchases, they called to tell me I had overdrafted. I myself had to check my account balance to find out why this had happened. The nightmare did not end there, not only did it happened and I wasn't alerted but when they made the attempt to reimburse while the investigation was made, it took them 4 business days to send me the money while rent was due literally the next day. Horrible experience, terminated my account right after.

Straightforward savings with a decent interest rate

I recently opened a savings account with Barclays after researching a number of online banks. My previous savings account had a rather abysmal APR, and I was looking for somewhere better to park my emergency fund. I chose Barclays based on its established reputation and competitive interest rate (1% for the basic online savings account as of this writing - among the best out there at present). Barclays also offers their "Dream Account", which offers a marginally higher APR (1.05%), as well as bonuses if you jump through hoops such as making a certain number of deposits per month; however, it restricts the amount you can deposit monthly. I wasn't interested in waiting to transfer all my money or doing tricks to get a better interest rate, so I went with the regular online savings account - no fees, 1% APR, very simple. Account verification and initial money transfer from my other savings account went smoothly. The website is cleanly designed and intuitive to use. I can't comment on customer service, as I have had no complaints and no need to contact them. I look forward to saving with Barclays as long as their interest rate remains competitive.


Posted by: VicMo | Oct 11, 2015

I have been with Barclays for a couple of years now after coming from U.S Bank. Barclays is a top tier financial institution. I love using their savings assistant. The savings assistant helped me set a savings goal based on my current income. You don't need to open an savings account with Barclays money in it and there are not any monthly maintenance fees. I travel internationally sometimes and Barclays is good for that. If you see any machine with a Visa sign you can put your card in the ATM and it will automatically show English instructions while I am abroad. When I banked with U.S bank and traveled abroad, I always ran into problems with them not accepting any foreign transactions even after I had notified them that I would be making an international trip. Having Barclays is so much easier and has saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Can't be any happier

Posted by: Liz15 | Sep 28, 2015

I needed a hassle free savings account that I didn't need to pay ridiculous fees to keep. I reviewed several banks and found that Barclay's bank seemed the easiest to deal with. Let me tell you, this is an understatement. I went on their website and opened an account as easily as they promised on the website. Within less than 10 minutes I had set up my new account. I contacted customer service just to be sure that I had done everything correctly and understood everything. The customer service agent I spoke with went above and beyond... she went over everything with me. I asked about their CD's and she was not only helpful but extremely pleasant to deal with. Within a few minutes of talking to her I was convinced I needed to set up a CD with Barclay's. I went ahead and set up a CD as well. I like the features on the website too, they help you make goals for yourself and figure out ways to save money a little more efficiently. I am extremely happy with Barclay's and every time I have called them they treat me as though I'm their only customer.

Simple, competitive, and straight forward.

I was looking for an account to stash money away for an upcoming vacation. Accessibility was not my foremost concern -- the interest rate was. I searched google for an hour or so and found Barclays. Located in Delaware, opening an online savings account took all of 5 minutes. Once I confirmed my bank account, I was able to make transfers back and forth within 12 hours. The interest rate is head and shoulders better than any brick and mortar bank or credit union. My only concern is their hold policy. I have an automatic transfer set up with Barclays to debit my checking account at another bank for $15 each week. Barclays holds that deposit for 5 business days before its available. Like I said earlier, availability is not a concern for me, as the purpose for the account is still 8 months away, however the amount of money in the account + the fact that its an electronic transfer does leave me confused as to why they do prevent accessibility to the funds for so long. I can understand a day or two, but five seems a little lengthy. Especially when the amount of the transfer is less than 3% of the account balance. Outside of that one concern, this bank has been great and easy to deal with. I did lock myself out of online one day and called their customer service to get the password reset. Took all of 3 minutes, and that was on a Friday!

Above Average Savings Account

Posted by: RussWest0 | Aug 23, 2015

I opened a savings account with Barclays a year ago. What drew me in was the 1.00% apy and it was no minimum balance to open an account. I made several deposits and thanks to the interest rates, I have more money for my upcoming vacation. I couldn't get this kind of interest with my usual bank. The only flaw I could say is the customer service. I made a deposit recently which didn't post to my account right away as my previous deposits did. I called customer service and they couldn't locate the deposit. A few days later the deposit showed up. I called to follow up and my deposit was flagged for security reason. I was told it was a random occurrence with new accounts but it shouldn't happen in the future. Other than that, I've had a good experience.

nothing but good things to say

I have dealt with Barclays numerous times and their customer service exceeds my expectations every time. Unlike other companies I have dealt with Barclays seems to have their employees trained to deal with many different issues. I do not have to be transferred to someone else who can help me with my problem, the customer service representative that picks up the phone is the one who can resolve all of my problems. The customer service representatives are always polite, professional, and easy to speak with. The times I have had to call customer service there is never a long wait time or a lot of computer prompts to go through. Receiving help via phone is very easy. It is as simple as dialing the one eight hundred number, typing in your credit card number, then speaking with a representative. Another good thing I have to say about Barclays is their websites are easy to sign up on, easy to login, and easy to use. I have never had any problems with using Barclays online service, their website is very user friendly.

Great Experience

Opening a savings account online was a breeze and when I called customer service to make sure there were no hidden fees, the woman on the phone was very polite. I have transferred all my money to them and earning a nice interest rate. This was after an awful experience with Ally bank who aren't capable of doing a simple transaction.

Best interest rate I'm aware of

I had been banking with local and national banks for years and have been receiving the usual less than 1% interest rate. Then my brothers recommended Barclays and I immediate made it my only savings account. The challenge is that there is no easy way to quickly withdraw money. But they have recently added an app that will allow remote check deposits making depositing money easier. I would only suggest that they follow in CapitolOne360's footsteps by partnering with some national ATMs and allow a certain number of ATM fee-free transactions each month. This would make withdrawing money easier and more readily available.

The Barclay's interest rate is the highest that I am aware of and I have not had any challenges with the bank at all. However, I must be honest that the only thing I ever do is deposit money, withdraw by wiring money to a national bank's checking account, and change my name since recently marrying. So I have never encountered any true challenging situations with them. But, if you do not need fast cash and are looking to simply find a trustworthy bank to save your money at a higher than usual interest rate, this may be the bank for you!

Great Savings

I am a college student on a budget, and must control my finances. I read about Barclays online and read about their superb account security and investment output. I decided to create a savings account in Barclays, never to touch that money, unless it is truly an emergency. I realized that Barclays has a savings interest rate greater than any major bank. Interest is not that much greater, but over years it becomes a very significant amount of interest. It even has a setting where you can choose how much time that money cannot be touched. The longer choices to accept, the greater the investment. And since I'm not choosing to use that money any time soon, this is really a wonderful service to me, helping me improve my finances. So, thank you Barclays for your efficient service and I shall continue being one of your clients. I shall also spread word of this service for my friends with similar financial struggles.

Barcalys Savings Account

Posted by: cjgilstrap | Aug 4, 2015

I first opened a checking account with Barclays in order to have a higher return than I had with my other bank. I had an account with Mutual of Omaha and only had 0.75% return. The Barclays account offered a 1% return rate, which was the best I could find without any fees attached. Since it was the only account that I had with them, it became a little annoying to have to go to multiple websites. I also like to move funds around between accounts and that could not happen. I have a checking account with USAA, which could not be matched by Barclays. I only had my account for about a year and then closed it in favor of USAA. The website was easy to navigate and customer service was helpful in setting up and closing my account. In the end, it was a personal choice to not use Barclays anymore, nothing bad about the company.

Stellar Customer Service, OK product

Posted by: vagam | Jul 31, 2015

In my time with Barclays, I was fortunate enough to have had fantastic customer service. A mate once deposited funds into an incorrect account, but customer service was able to fix the issue far faster than I expected. I was never overly pleased with many things: the fees on the account, the lack of options, the expense of international transfers, the difficulty of direct deposit, the lack of locations near me. Would it be too much to ask to have easier integration with the major services of the day, like Bitcoin, Paypal, Amazon Payments, Western Union, and others? Surely one of the world's largest banks can do better! I also had a good deal of issues using my Android phone when I was with them: timeouts, random gibberish, etc. I wonder how much of that was my phone and what was the website, though.

In spite of my complaining, Barclays' customer service was always stellar.

Decent Starter CD

Posted by: TBANKS99 | Jul 15, 2015

When my son was born, we wanted to save the money he received from relatives for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, etc. We decided the best way to do this was through a CD. We didn't know much about them, so we asked Barclays about their options. The customer service department was very helpful in relaying the options and what each type of CD (and other offers) entailed now and in the future. We got the basic CD as a starting point, because the terms and interest rate were suitable to our current needs and we were told that we could roll it back over when it is up or change to something new that suited any new needs that we had obtained over the years. We have been happy with our choice. We would like the interest to compound more quickly, but that is the nature of banks. Overall, we are happy with Barclays and this product.

Barclays - A Simple Solution

Posted by: clh1987 | Jul 4, 2015

I joined as a member of Barclays after becoming frustrated with my previous bank and experiences there. I was recommended to join by a few friends and members of my family. The biggest selling point for me in the beginning was the fact that Barclays does not instate monthly maintenance or account fees upon you. Their banking truly is free.

They offer checking and savings accounts, both of which are easily accessible online, and allow you to transfer money between the two at will. The online layout is easy to navigate and makes using it a plus, which is very important in the age of digital banking. The customer service with this bank has been exemplary, they are especially understanding and kind if you have had an overdraft or similar issues. In the past I have had trouble now and again with this, but Barclays gives me assurance that if an error or mistake is made, it will be easily corrected and at no cost to me.

Another perk is that they offer what is called a "Dream Account," which is a special online savings account that awards you with bonuses when you make smart choices regarding savings, with no minimum monthly deposit. I feel this gives extra inclination to be responsible with my money, as I find it very rewarding, and you can have up to three of these to reap the benefits of. They also offer online accounts for children under 18, which means I can get my kids started on responsible finance early.

The only qualm I have with Barclays is that they currently do not accept wire transfers, although I do not receive these often, it would be a bit of a hassle if someone is not willing to go to a different service to use these. All in all, however, it's a great fit for myself and my family, and I would very highly recommend this bank!

Barclays Is Just OK

I opened a Barclays Bank account last year and in general I have been satisfied with this savings account. To date I haven't had any problems with depositing or withdrawing money, and their debit card service is functional. I have however had two minor problems when dealing with Barclays. First their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. On multiple occasions I have had minor issues (confusion about deposits etc.) and I found both their online and telephone customer service process to take too much time, and on occasion involve somewhat surly customer service reps. My other issue is that I find the international wire transfer fees from Barclays to be too high, and I often choose to use other wire transfer services when making international bank transfers, which is frustrating because I then have to withdraw money from my Barclays account to so. So overall, I would call my experience with Barclays average, it is a fine bank to work with, but nothing to rave over.

Barclays offers great services to its banking customers!

Let's face it - banking is not fun, but it's a part of life. Looking for a bank doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. Take my advice and just use Barclays! I have several accounts with Barclays, but my favorite, by far, is my Dream Account. Barclays' Dream Account offers incentives to deposit money into your account, and keep it there. So if you move money around, this account isn't for you. But, if you're currently making a quarter of a percent on your savings account, then look into the Dream Account. You can put up to $1000 into it per month, and if you make deposits into the account for six straight months, you get a 2.5% bonus on the already great interest rate (currently 1.05%). You can't lose. This account meets my needs perfectly, and I am so happy I have a better place to park my emergency fund. I've been adding $750 per month into my Dream Account, and I can't believe I'll have over $8000 in the account by the end of the year! This account helps keep my goals in focus, and I feel like I'm actually making money on my savings. It encourages me to save more and more. It's a great feeling!

great savings rates

Posted by: Axlim | Jun 25, 2015

Originally I was with a big bank and went to a small credit union, after being tired of the hassle that comes with a small localized credit union I decided to go for the biggest, best bank I could find with the most attractive rates. After a few days I stumbled across an excellent savings rate at 1% through Barclays.

I decided to try it and haven't look back since. I now I have savings account and a "dream account" that has built up some quite nice interest. Their mobile app is awesome and their "dream account" is pretty sweet (basically a twist on the old "X-mas/Vacation" clubs. I've never had poor customer service with Barclays and I have yet to have any issues with fees or problems like that.

If you're looking for the the benefits and security of a large bank, but still a small bank "we care about you" feeling, this is the bank for you!

Good Bank for Interest Seekers!

Posted by: DrewLee | Jun 24, 2015

Okay so I have a Barclays Dream Account (Savings) that I use for my future retirement. One of the best deals about this company is that it gives customers a 1.05% Annual Percentage Yield and interest that is compounded daily. There is absolutely no minimum deposit to open an account and interest and bonuses are offered to people who save their money in the account; and don't touch the money for 6 months and you receive an additional 2.25% in interest added to the money that was saved, who would deny that excellent offer? Barclays is a really good bank and is really quite enjoyable. I really like the company on the whole, and customer service is excellent. Friendly, native English speaker I could hear clearly on the phone whenever I needed to call. What a good bank. Love it! I plan to continue saving with Barclays and taking advantage of their competitive offers. I am proud to say I am a Barclays' customer.

Dream Account

Posted by: Maryracer | Jun 20, 2015

Barclays is a very good on line bank. I personally find the on line banking to second to none. For me that means a secure web page that is clear to understand and easy to use. Barclays is just that. I have loved their credit card, so about two months ago I signed up on line for the savings account. The dream account works great for me with 1 percent interest. I put 100.00 in to start but they did not require any amount at all to begin. This is what I needed to have the motivation to save. I am able to access my funds anytime without a penalty too. I can transfer online or withdraw. Barclay Dream account is a very excellent savings instrument for anyone who wants on line tools for savings and access. Also the one time I phoned in to ask about my password issue the girl was very kind and very quick to help me reset it. The online Dream assistant tool is a great easy to use savings calculator that I love to play with and also to get serous with and help me achieve my goals.

Barclays Banking

I have been a Barclays customer for 8 years now, and of the many institutions I have worked with, I can honestly say that it doesn't get much better than this company. All of my banking used to be done through them, and I still have open credit accounts due to their respect for longstanding customers. In my opinion, I have never been hit with any unfair fees in my time with Barclays, and their customer service is top-notch. A few years back, my wallet was stolen while I was on vacation, and I had to go through the process of canceling my cards. After explaining my situation, the Barclays customer service representative offered to overnight both of my new cards to the hotel I was staying at, free of charge. This was the only institution that offered such a convenient replacement, and it allowed me to continue my trip without worry. The only downside to this company is that they don't have great starting rates, but they reward loyal customers with consistent interest upgrades and other perks. Definitely a great place to do business.


I have a CD ladder with Barclays. It is ok compared to other banks. The rates are a little on the low side for short length CDs (.35 percent I believe). But the longer end ones (60 months) have a nice yield at around 2.5 percent. I liked their customer service via telephone. They explained the CD laddering investment technique to me and helped me set it up. I learned a lot. Their website is the WORST though. It is very clunky, difficult to navigate. It looks outdated and gives you the feeling you are operating with a sketchy bank. I never have any trouble getting someone on the phone though, and have an easy time rolling over my CDs when they mature. I like that you can do everything online and don't have to deal with anyone in person or over the phone if you don't want to. Overall I would recommend this to anyone new to CD laddering who needs help. There may be higher interest rate banks out there, but this is a reliable bank that offers a rate that can't be scoffed at.

Barclays all the Way.

Posted by: Cammers3 | May 31, 2015

My all around experience with Barclays Bank has been for the most part has been satisfying as far as banks are concerned. Whenever I need help I am usually helped with satisfying results. I can honestly say that I have only had one experience where I felt frustrated with the person trying to help me. I was trying to add my son to my account because he was entering the Army and she kept trying to convince us that he needed to open his own account. He was planning on opening one through the Army and she just didn't understand why he wouldn't open one with them, of course she was only doing her and I really couldn't blame her for that. I want him on my account simply because it is a good thing to have another person on your accounts. I have bought CD's from them and was quite satisfied with the person that helped me and explained how they worked, and am glad that I did get them.

Barclays Dream Account is Worth Writing About

Posted by: Dreamteam | May 24, 2015

As a person who has problems saving consistently I really enjoyed Barclays Dream Account. Rather than many other accounts that simply deposit a dollar from every purchase into a savings account with a horrible APY, Barclays Dream Account is a standard savings account where you choose to deposit. Though you can only deposit up to $1,000 a month, if you deposit consistently you're rewarded for it by an increase in the APR for the past six months. So if you deposit monthly for six straight months, they'll give you (at the time of this writing) an additional 2.5% bonus to the interest earned over the last six months. No other bank that I know of treats you as good as that. It actually rewards you for saving, which gives better incentives to actually save. Furthermore, if you don't withdraw for six months you get another 2.5% bonus to the interest over that six month period. Added together you get a 5% bonus if you continue to deposit but don't withdraw for that same six month period. Those two things together have allowed me to save consistently throughout the past year and get rewarded for it. I think it is the rewards that keep me motivated to do it. I used to always take money out, always justifying it in some way and before I knew it I had wiped my savings out. Barclays helps me work towards my goals by motivating me to keep saving.

Barclays is a nice on-line bank

Posted by: bull2014 | May 22, 2015

Barclays is a nice on-line bank. I surfed over there and signed up for a free savings bank account and they were really helpful and provided me a fee free savings account really quickly. The whole process only required a really small period and the people who helped me on-line were really nice and helpful. Barclays even provided a welcome pack for me and the welcome pack included a good overview of information on how the savings account worked and any fees that would be charge with using the savings account. Barclays gave me a good overview of information within a quick period. I didn't have to wait for them to mail me the information or anything, as they emailed me the overview. They just emailed me the overview within a brief period following my signing up for the free savings account so I would be able to familiarize myself with their account.

Credible Bank Without All The Bells and Whistles

I opened a Barclays savings account roughly one year ago when I grew frustrated with the savings rates of other banks in the industry. At the time, Barclays was offering .9% interest on a savings account and since, they have increased it to 1%. The online interface is very easy to use, but that is mostly because there aren't a plethora of features. If you are looking for one of the top interest rates in the industry without a complex dashboard to learn, Barclays is probably a good choice for you. I do hope that they update their website to stay with the times in the next year or so. The credibility of the website design was one reason why I almost decided not to sign up, but I decided to go with them for the lack of fees and strong interest rate.

Best Bank Ever!

I remember when I first opened an account with Barclays, I accidentally requested to transfer $200 instead of $20. Yes, decimal points make a HUGE difference. Anyway, this ended up causing an overdraft from my other bank since I didn't have enough funds to cover the transfer.

I called up my other bank, since that was now the bank with the negative account balance in it, and explained what happened. Not verbatim, but they basically told me "So sad, too bad. It's your problem, not ours, so shut up." I was thought I was "s" out of luck. I mean I made an honest mistake and now not only was I in the negative balances but they were also charging me overdraft and sustained fees.

I figured, all right, I'll give this a shot. I called up Barclays, and first of all, I was able to speak with a representative who spoke fluent English in a very friendly tone. It sounded like they actually wanted to help me and not just "put up with" their job. Anyway, to make a long story short, they ended up refunding all the fees that my other bank charged me. I just had to e-mail them a screenshot of my account activity - very simple process. They sent the refund in a few days. Awesome!

My second thumbs up experience happened when I got an e-mail from Barclays, claiming they were changing their interest rate on all savings account. Great, that's all I need. Nine times out of ten when a bank sends you an e-mail along the lines of "New Interest Rate Changes" that means your interest rate is going down. Well, not at Barclays. Nope. At Barclays, believe it or not they actually RAISED their interest rate recently. They raised it on their already high rate.

Barclays is quiet, and quiet is good.

As a Barclays member, I really appreciate how little they present themselves in my daily life. I opened my savings account, set up a direct deposit with my employer, and from there on it was simple. There are no minimum balances or monthly maintenance fees with Barclay's 1% APY. They also have a good amount of tools within their program to help you save even more money. When I called to ask about setting the account up, the entire process took me less than 10 minutes and the woman on the phone was very friendly and interested in getting me on my way. I would recommend Barclay's particularly for anyone thinking about opening a new savings account. In addition, I have never had a problem transferring funds from other banks/financial institutions, and almost always this process could be done online, thru the Barclays website. Finally, I really appreciate the "savings assistant" feature. It allows you to set goals and monitor your progress on the fly. No extra noise with Barclays, just basic savings at a great rate.

Barclays is a bank worth banking with

Barclays is a bank I have been with for 4 years. When it comes to banking I don't like just trusting anyone with my money and I had generally preferred not having a bank account. That changed with them. They are so helpful and offer a ton of benefits. They have a better interest rate for their saving accounts than anyone I have considered by far. Most other banks I have seen offer like .1% or .2%, Barclays offers 1%. That is ten bucks on every thousand a year which isn't a ton but it's nice to have your money making the most for you that it can. Their mobile app is awesome and they offer as many features as anyone else like mobile deposits and easy balance and activity checking. Also if you're broke don't worry, they don't have a minimum deposit to start an account. So if you're on the fence and looking for advice on where to go, you will not go wrong with a Barclays checking or savings account.

Awesome Savings Bank

Posted by: 777 | Apr 21, 2015

Barclays has a great website with a good interface to check your Savings account. It is a strong security checking system with a more advanced password screening with a username check, password check, and special words check. Barclays also provides higher interest rates than other banks for CD's and other Savings accounts, so you accrue more money over time. The customer service representative I spoke with was also amiable and very easy to work with. It's an international bank and they have that high quality air about them which has you, as a customer, feeling well taken care of. Banking with Barclays makes me feel good about myself.

Dream Account

Posted by: innis8 | Apr 9, 2015

I use as reserved savings from my social security direct deposit, I closed my WF savings account which was only .01% which is one penny per $1,000, and a joke.

Great Overall

Barclays is a great bank to go with. I only had there barclaycard, but it had amazing interest. The interest if your late is pretty high but that is understandable considering how much they give you in the beginning and how generous they are even though your credit might not be good. Getting started with this card I used it to buy a laptop from apple and its so awesome that they give you 12 months no interest to pay it off. There customer service is helpful and they are very nice. I've only had to call once, because of how easy it is to understand there website and the instruction on the card. The way the buttons and pages are set up on the website, I think could make it easy for anyone to understand it. It's so simple and easy to use that it's something I would recommend my family and friends if they needed a bank or credit card.

Great Services

I am a risk taker and taking a risk is exactly what I did when I decided to go with Barclays. They were new to the United States market and I had never heard of them but I was willing to give them a try. This was one of the best decision I have ever made because I have gotten nothing short of a great experience from them. There was a time that a small company wrongly charged my credit card after I canceled my subscription with them. I tried to handle the matter by myself but I could not because they kept hanging up the phone in my face. When I got in contact with Barclays to explain the matter to them they were quick to respond and give me the results that I wanted. They deactivated my card and sent a new one out to me so that this company would not bill me monthly. The only down side about them is that their website is not so appealing to me, it is quite bland.

lacking mobile website

Overall, I have had a decent experience with Barclay Card. However I have been experiencing problems with the mobile website. I have tried multiple times to pay my credit card bill on my phone. I have been unsuccessful each time. Its extremely inconvenient because I handle most of my business via my smart phone. The problem mostly lies with trying to get into my account. Usually when I enter my username and password it will act as if it is letting me into my account and will return back to the log in page. I will try several more times. Out of those trials I have been able to log on a few but still unsuccessful in paying my bill. It is unfortunate because I really like this company. However it is frustrating to try do something and the website is incapable of the request. Hopefully they will get a legit app or mobile capable website soon.

Amazing bank

I started banking with Barclay about 2 years ago and have been thrilled with my experience. At first I thought that it might be a bit of a pain to use them since there was not a location close to be but I have learned that they have made everything so simple to use due to the amazing app they have and their website is so easy to access. I have called customer service in the past over an issue I had with my credit card and it was literally taken care of before I got off the phone with them. I have to say I am very happy I use them and have been more then pleased with my past experience and continue to use them for quite some time in the future.

Wow, I am Impressed!

Barclays is a very impressive bank, I love the rates they offer on there cds and savings accounts. They are some of the best rates I have seen in a very long time.

Their site is easy to use and very simple. I love there Calculator that lets you see what your investment will bring back. Also like that they have a mobile application that can be used for quick access. I look forward to doing business now and in the future with my investment needs.

The fact that they offer no hidden fees, no minimum balances to open. This is better than most banks that make you open accounts with a certain amount of money. This will defiantly be a bank I refer to friends and family. Thank you Barclay for being a caring bank.

Pretty Good Banking System

Posted by: LIam567 | Jan 5, 2015

So far my banking experience with Barclay has gone pretty well. I have been with them for a little over a year, and have had not many problems. The one main problem I had was when I lost my job and fell back on payments. They contacted me and helped me by removing late fee's and interest rates, and lowered my monthly bills to a more affordable one meanwhile I got on my feet. That there ended up helping me a lot, and I was able to get on my feet and started paying my bills again when I got a job. I am now debt free, and use their card when I do want to charge something on credit. I do know to not charge more that I can't handle now.

Not the best

Posted by: jkdaed | Dec 15, 2014

I was very unhappy with the overall service of this bank. I had a credit card through them and they ended up being like every other bank in terms of high fees, hidden costs, etc. My APR went from 8% to 22% for no reason within a year of having the card. When I asked them about lowering it because of my positive history with them (payments on time, higher payments than the minimum amount), I was told there was nothing they could do. Their internet banking website was also difficult to deal with. Payments were not credited immediately and would sometimes take 3-4 days to post to my account, which would make it difficult to post on time if I would ever have been close to my due date with a payment. Overall, I would recommend finding another internet bank to deal with.

Excellent place to park your money

Posted by: BryaninCA | Dec 4, 2014

I have been a customer of Barclays for over three years and have earned a lot of money in interest using their Online Savings account. With the excellent 0.9% APY, you can let your money work for you. Transfer times to get access to your money are pretty quick too. Customer support is also excellent, if you for some unforeseen circumstance lose your password a simple call with customer service is very quick and easy as long as your have your information gathered and ready to confirm your identity. They don't currently have a lot of locations in the US, so for the most part you'll have to rely on the website to get access to your account, other than that there isn't a reason why you shouldn't sign up. There are also no fees and no minimum account balance restrictions. Overall, this is a very good bank and offers a terrific savings account if you are looking for something non-long term as this will not make you rich overnight.

Barclays The Best!

Posted by: GerardT | Nov 18, 2014

Barclays is a great bank. They have the best interest rate available anywhere for a bank account. Interest rates are really bad nowadays and it is really hard to find somewhere that has a good interest rate. Barclays provides that interest rate that is really the best I have found anywhere. I am an internet guru and I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for the best interest rat and was not able to find anywhere that had a good rate like barclays does. I have had to call them a few times and every time I call them they are really helpful and fix whatever the issue is when I call them. They make it so easy to use their account!

Hassle-free internet savings

Posted by: emesbe | Oct 19, 2014

Signing up for a Barclays online savings account was quite easy. I had no problems whatsoever. No credit check, either. I am quite comfortable with Barclays' online security.

While the interest rate is not outstanding, it's better than keeping my money in a mason jar.

I have been able to link my Barclays account with my other accounts, such as Paypal, a traditional checking account, and an American Express Serve account without hassle and relatively quickly. I find that deposits and transfers take about one business day.

Overall I am very pleased with my Barclays online savings account and would recommend it to anyone.

Banks Versus Credit Unions

Posted by: ibcasper | Sep 25, 2014

no comment on this issue. Not for profits are not motivated to take advantage of members.

Transfer From AMEX Savings Bank

Posted by: innis8 | Sep 9, 2014

American Express keep dropping their % Interest rate, so I transfer. It's great for retired people with fixed income and high cash amount, better than local banks ($25,000) @ .01%.

Fishy... Unreliable

Posted by: redfarm | Aug 31, 2014

Mailed in a check as a deposit to the Illinois address. A week later the deposit did not appear in my Barclays account. A month later received a letter from a loan company in Florida returning my check. Very poor safeguards wherever mail deposits are processed. Customer service said there was no way such a mistake could occur and implied the post office must have screwed up. Unlikely that an envelope addressed to Illinois would have been inadvertently delivered to a Florida location with a different name and address.

Ridiculous Hassle To Fund An Account

I opened a Barclays online savings account last month. There's a test deposit process for them to verify an external source to fund the account. I've gone through this process TWICE now, and I still can't verify my accounts. Hence, I can't fund the Barclay's account, hence the big interest rate that attracted me to Barclay's in the first place has been utterly useless to me. If you're going to offer online services, for godsake, fix your website!

Tried To Open A IRA Account And Was Denied.

I just finish speaking with a representative and he told me he couldn’t help me with investing $13000.00 in to a IRA account,

Then I wanted to invest $62000.00 and he said he still couldn’t do nothing for me. My question is how much money does one need to open a account with your bank?

More Than Satisfied

Posted by: mrvirgo | May 8, 2014

I opened 3 CDs for $10,000 each online without any problem. I did not use Barclay's system to get the $30,000 into my Barclay's savings account so it was as if I made a direct deposit and the money was immediately available to fund the CDs from my savings account. It was very easy to have the monthly interest swept into one of my linked bank accounts. On the first of May (2014), the interest from the three CDs was transferred out of Barclays without a glitch.
I am very satisfied with Barclays. I've had a savings account with them for two years now.

Amazing Customer Service!!

Posted by: carly | Apr 16, 2014

I had planned to move an expiring CD from Alliant CU to Barclays, but I couldn't log on to my Barclays account. (My computer had been slow and weird for a couple of days.)

I called Barclays customer service and the phone guy went way beyond "bank teller" and walked me through clearing the cache on my computer and doing diagnostics and fixed my computer!! I logged on to my account and quickly set up my new CD.

Kudos to Barclays for going above and beyond.

Very Pleased!

Update March 2016
I have maintained a money market account at Barclays since I posted below (July 2013). Barclays has been fantastic in every way. The website is easy to navigate and works flawlessly. We often transfer large amounts of money from linked accounts. We have never had any problem whatsoever. Barclays continues to be worthy of FIVE STARS!!

I recently (July 2013) opened a savings account online. At first it was a bit tricky because they set up a profile (user name and password) for each person on the account. Once I figured out I needed to set up my husband with his own profile and then do mine, it was a piece of cake. From there I was easily able to link external accounts and transfer money in. I haven't tried to take money out. I had to call once with a question. My inquiry was handled quickly and professionally. I give Barclays five stars!

An Excellent Savings Account With One Annoyance

Barclays offers a high rate (0.90%) with no material restrictions or fees. The one deficiency is that Barclays does not allow wire transfers, either incoming or outgoing.

Having used the service for 3 months, here's a summary:


• High rate of 0.90% (though it dropped from 1.00% a month after a signed up)

• No minimum balance

• No significant fees. Probably the only ones of note are $5 for each withdrawal beyond 6 in a month (at least Barclays will allow more than 6), and $0.50 for a paper statement as opposed to an electronic account statement

• Easy to withdraw money. Barclays limits withdrawals to $250,000 per ACH transfer, but you can do as many transfers as you want in a day, so there is no real withdrawal limit

• Excellent customer service


• No ability to send or receive wire transfers

Well, I Tried

I tried to transfer almost $200,000 into a new account. A week later, it still hadn't happened. Phone support was useless.

It's been difficult to find a money market that wants this money.

I'll keep looking!

My 6 Month Experiences With Barclays

Posted by: simplesam | May 14, 2013

Easy to open. Easy to setup multiple banks. East to use and manage account on simple website.

Hold time seems long, but does not effect me as I am not doing in & out transactions

Highly recommended by someone who is looking for a good rate and easy access to my money.

Transferred From Capital One 360

Posted by: calisaver | Apr 22, 2013

I had no problems opening the account and they have kept the rate at 1%. They are not a primary financial institution and are good for higher yields on savings and CD's. I use them to obtain the higher rates. They do not have ATM access and I do all transactions by ACH and have never had any problems. However if you need same day access to your funds this is not the bank for you. This is a great place for your money if you want or need FDIC Insurance and dont need same day access.

Great Savings Account APY, But Very Poor Customer Service

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 24, 2012

I opened an individual savings account online with Barclays in June 2012 after researching APYs on BankRate.com. After trying to add my wife as a joint account holder in the middle of the next billing cycle (to double my FDIC coverage and add another $200k to my account), I was told by phone customer service "it can't be done" (Call #1) and to create a new joint account online and transfer the balance from my individual account. It was not difficult creating the new joint account and transferring the funds. However, after the next billing cycle, Barclays automatically debited $98 of interest due in my individual account.

So, I call customer service to discuss this (Call #2) and was told that it was a "software issue since the individual account had a zero balance at month end, but a ticket will be created to reverse the debit and the $98 will show up in the account in 2-3 business days". I said this was satisfactory.

After 5 business days and no interest money appearing in either account, I call customer service (Call #3) and inquire about the status of the missing interest money. The agent seemed confused as to why it had not yet been processed, but assured me that he knew what the problem was, would get a supervisor to resolve it before the close of business that day, and he would personally call me before his shift was over to confirm that the interest was in my account - no one called back and no interest money appeared in my account.

I called after another 5 business days (Call #4), maintaining a calm tone but firmly informing the next agent about my history with this issue and that I was very frustrated at this point. Again, he reviewed the past ticket and could not understand why the interest had no been processed into my account. I told him I wanted the matter resolved during this phone call or Barclays would be at risk losing my business over my experience with their customer service. He did seem to work on getting a supervisor to handle my issue ASAP during the call, but after 40 minutes of being on this phone call with him, he finally said "Sir, my supervisor says that the issue is being held up with Barclays Banking (???), so we will have to call you back before close of business today at 8 pm." I asked him if he remembered and understood what I said before about wanting this issue resolved on this phone call - he replied that he appreciated my patience and definitely understood - no one called back and no interest money appeared in my account, so I wrote this review to inform others.

Barclays Appears To Be Immature For Internet Banking

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 26, 2012

The online application is a complete failure. First, it asks you for unreasonable personal information such as your mother's maiden name. Second, I started the process multiple times, but it never succeded. Besides, return to an existing application feature does not work either. I ended up with my very personal information blocked somewhere inside Barclays, and I am not sure it is secure enough. At least I did not initiate money transfer to the new account.

Error Trying To Open Account

Posted by: Anonymous | May 15, 2012

I tried to open an account this evening. I went through the entire process, then at the end was informed that there was an error, and that I should call their toll-free number.

I have had no problem opening online accounts at other banks.

What's the point of an online bank that can't open accounts online?