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2.30%5-year CD5 Year Yield Pledge CD
2.16%4-year CD4 Year Yield Pledge CD
1.60%1-year CD1 Year Yield Pledge CD

Overview / Commentary
501 Riverside Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

EverBank is a Florida-based financial institution that operates through both an online banking division and physical branches. The bank has several subsidiaries that offer various financial services in addition to banking, including wealth management, insurance, and commercial finance.

A high-yield checking and a business checking account are available on EverBank’s personal banking side. The high-yield checking account has a minimum initial deposit requirement, no monthly fees, and if a higher minimum balance is kept, unlimited ATM reimbursements. This checking account typically features one of the highest interest rates in the country in the checking category.

EverBank also offers a high-yield money market and Certificate of Deposit (CD) account to help consumers grow their savings. The money market account functions like a typical savings account and allows up to six withdrawals per month without a fee. The MMA has a very competitive interest rate and has no monthly fee, as well. CDs and IRA CDs are available in term lengths ranging from 3 months to 5 years and automatically rollover into a new CD at the end of a term. EpBooks.us has featured EverBank’s CDs repeatedly in the past, and in the summer of 2013 recognized the bank for its top-of-the-market 5-year CD rate. The bank also offers wealth management and brokerage services, as well as accounts that invest in precious metals.

EverBank online banking provides a sophisticated and secure platform for customers to perform account management tasks like paying bills, transferring funds, monitoring account activity, and checking account balances. The bank has also released a mobile banking app that makes it easy to perform these task on the run from a smartphone or tablet device.

EverBank is a publicly traded company (NYSE: EVER) that was originally established as First Alliance Bank with the FDIC in 1998. Shortly after being founded, the bank acquired Mercantile Bank’s world currency division in order to offer accounts that consist of foreign currencies. The bank is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and operates several branches around the city as well as across the state of Florida.

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EverBank Ups Guaranteed Money Market Rate (1.31% APY) - 9/2/2017

EverBank (internet bank) has raised the 1-Year Intro Rate on its Yield Pledge Money Market (1.31% APY), which is available only to first-time account holders.

EVERBANK Raises Money Market Rate (12 Month Intro Rate) - 9/1/2017

EVERBANK has increased their money market rate to 1.31% APY. However for people like me who started their money market at 1.11%, they will not raise the rate.

CD Rate Increases - 6/30/2017

There are some modest, but noteworthy, rate increases, such as: 2-Year--1.81% APY (up from 1.70%) 3-Year--2.00% APY (up from 1.92%) 4-Year--2.15% APY (up from 2.00%) 5-Year--2.30% APY (up from 2.25%)

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Have Been Using Them For 5 Years, Excellent Service

Posted by: sangre | Nov 23, 2011

I switched to Everbank from Wachovia about 5 years ago, and haven't entered a bank since. Couldn't be happier.

Free checking and savings accounts, easy online access, and I love mailing my checks in (using prepaid envelopes) rather than going to a bank to deposit them.

I've also used ING. Their online interface is slightly more user-friendly, and they make it very easy to set up different accounts for different savings goals. However, you still need a brick and mortar bank to use ING, because they don't accept deposits. Everbank supplies you with pre-paid envelopes to send in your checks.

ING does offer you free ATM withdrawals from select ATM's, which is nice. Everbank only reimburses you if you have $6,000 in your account.

A great bank with lots of add-ons

I have been a customer with everbank for many years and have always been happy with them! Their checking accounts provide high interest with low or no fees. Their introductory interest rates are much better than any normal rates you can find, and they even refund ATM charges you may incur - all of which keeps your total checking costs super low. Plus making mobile deposits and doing everything on-line is easy and efficient. I've had great experiences with their customer service, and definitely feel like overall they are the best choice for checking available. Additionally, everbank offers CDs and other investment instruments such as commodity funds, making it a full-service firm that's easy to work with too. Everbank has always been a trusted partner in my banking experience, and their customer service reps seem to really know their stuff.

Been highly satisfied with Everbank for years now!

I opened an account with Everbank many years ago - probably at least 10 years - and have always been highly satisfied with them overall. The biggest thing they've done for me is add mobile check deposit which is awesome, but even before that I just popped the checks in the mail in their pre-paid envelopes. Super simple! Plus they refund ATM fees if you keep a minimum balance and this is super convenient, not searching for the right machine! Previously you had to mail in the receipts which was a hassle (but worth it!) but now it's all automatic and awesome. I even make some interest on my checking account, and they do offer other financial services. Finally, every customer service interaction I've had with Everbank has been fairly painless and pleasant. One specific problem I had was that when I lived overseas, one of the companies I paid regularly changed their mailing address without notifying me then claimed they were not receiving the checks even though they were being cashed. Customer service at Everbank helped me keep my money! I highly recommend them.

Never Bank With Ever Bank

Posted by: MMA | Jun 10, 2016

For Internet Bank, providing excellent customer service to remote customer is very important so customer feels comfort to invest money in a bank which is not locally accessible

When I link my Everbank accounts with local bank account to facilitate deposit or withdrawal, external banks made test debit and credit transaction in cent to verify Everbank bank account and Everbank charged me $10 Maintenance Fee for this.

So, I contacted EverBank Customer Service and given justification that you can see that, these were test transaction initiated by external bank to setup Bank to Bank transfer, and customer service representative told me that, Ok as a courtesy we are giving you $10 Fee refund one time...

You may think that, "Good we are done, and $10 Credit should be posted in next 2-3 days", as this is what we expect in US Customer Service, but with Everbank it does not work that way, they expect you to drag your nose for $10 matter.

Even CSR said she is giving $10 credit, I did not see refund credit posted on account for next 10 days so I had to call them total 3 time for $10 refund, on each call, you need to start story from zero with CSR and spend 10 minutes on each call to explain and justify what and why and repeat same thing again on next call.

I thought this is will be just one time experience. but next month, when I made internal transfer between my multiple MMA account (under same ownership), they again charged me same $10 Fee....

and again I had to call me 3 times to explain them that, this is internal transfer between my one Everbank account to my another Everbank account, how can you even charge me for this...

For this same matter again, when CSR confirmed me that, she is giving me one time refund as this was internal transaction, but when I did not see if for long time, From my account, I sent EverBank customer service internal message by using their online messaging system, I described them everything in detail and asked to refund $10 which is pending...

In return response, instead of addressing $10 refund issue, their customer service staff is even asking me to first send them my personal security code in the message, so they can verify my request.... Give me a break !!! Bank staff even asking to you to reveal your personal security code in email communication ? They can easily see that, this message was initiated internally after logging to my online bank account, and all these just hurdle just for refunding $10 matter ???

Security codes are only to verify other side person on the phone, Security codes are not for sending them in the email message, so any CSR who reads or refers communication in the future, can know and can steal person's security code,

This is very common sense for banking industry.....

Finally, I dumped EverBank...Who knows, tomorrow what new fee they will charge me and how many calls I will have to make to deal with them....

There is lot more for them to learn on what is called "Customer Relationship"...



Health Grade Components

FDIC Certificate #34775
Year Established1998
Primary RegulatorOCC
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD-0.14%
Return on Equity - YTD-1.5%
Annual Interest Income$129.6MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$32.77B$27.35B
LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$27.90B$24.62B
DepositsQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$23.12B$18.93B
Equity CapitalQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$3.51B$2.12B
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$107.1MM$84.3MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$77.7MM$133.2MM
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2017vs Q2 2016$43.6MM$518.6MM
User-submitted Promotions & Notices

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EVERBANK Raises Money Market Rate (12 Month Intro Rate)

leemd |
EVERBANK has increased their money market rate to 1.31% APY. However for people like me who started their money market at 1.11%, they will not raise the rate.

CD Rate Increases

ChasR |
There are some modest, but noteworthy, rate increases, such as:
2-Year--1.81% APY (up from 1.70%)
3-Year--2.00% APY (up from 1.92%)
4-Year--2.15% APY (up from 2.00%)
5-Year--2.30% APY (up from 2.25%)

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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

EverBank Savings Account Rates

0.61%--Basic Savings

EverBank Money Market Rates

1.31%*-$250kYield Pledge Money Market - First Time Client (1st Yr)
OTHER TIERS: 0.86% $250k - $10mm
1.31%*-$250kYield Pledge Money Market IRA - First Time Client (1st Yr)
OTHER TIERS: 0.86% $250k - $10mm
0.86%-$10mYield Pledge Money Market - Ongoing Client
0.86%-$10mYield Pledge Money Market IRA - Ongoing Client
0.61%*$1m*-Business Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.20% Up to $10k | 0.41% $10k - $100k | 0.51% $100k - $1mm

EverBank Checking Account Rates

1.21%*-$250kYield Pledge Checking - First Time Client (1st Yr)
OTHER TIERS: 0.71% $250k - $10mm
1.21%*-$250kSmall Business Checking - First Time Client (1st Yr)
OTHER TIERS: 0.61% $250k - $10mm
0.71%*$100k*$10mYield Pledge Checking - Ongoing Client
OTHER TIERS: 0.25% Up to $10k | 0.46% $10k - $25k | 0.51% $25k - $50k | 0.61% $50k - $100k
0.61%*$1m*-Business Interest Checking
OTHER TIERS: 0.20% Up to $10k | 0.41% $10k - $100k | 0.51% $100k - $1mm
0.61%*$100k*$10mSmall Business Checking - Ongoing Client
OTHER TIERS: 0.20% Up to $10k | 0.36% $10k - $25k | 0.41% $25k - $50k | 0.51% $50k - $100k
0.61%*$100k*-Non-Profit Checking
OTHER TIERS: 0.20% Up to $10k | 0.36% $10k - $25k | 0.41% $25k - $50k | 0.51% $50k - $100k

EverBank CD Rates

2.30%$5k-5 Year Yield Pledge CD
2.30%$1,500-5 Year Business CD
2.20%$1k-5 Year Basic CD
2.16%$5k-4 Year Yield Pledge CD
2.15%$1,500-4 Year Business CD
2.06%$1k-4 Year Basic CD
2.00%$5k-3 Year Yield Pledge CD
2.00%$1,500-3 Year Business CD
2.00%$1,500$250k3.5 Year Bump Rate CD
1.90%$1k-3 Year Basic CD
1.81%$5k-2 Year Yield Pledge CD
1.81%$1,500-2 Year Business CD
1.71%$1k-2 Year Basic CD
1.67%$5k-1.5 Year Yield Pledge CD
1.67%$1,500-1.5 Year Business CD
1.65%$5k-2.5 Year Yield Pledge CD
1.65%$1,500-2.5 Year Business CD
1.60%$5k-1 Year Yield Pledge CD
1.60%$1,500-1 Year Business CD
1.57%$1,500-3 Year LIBOR Index CD
1.57%$1,500-Business 3 Year LIBOR Index CD
1.57%$1k-1.5 Year Basic CD
1.55%$1k-2.5 Year Basic CD
1.52%$10k$5m3 Year CDARS CD
1.52%$10k$5m3 Year Business CDARS CD
1.50%$1k-1 Year Basic CD
1.46%$10k$5m2 Year CDARS CD
1.46%$10k$5m2 Year Business CDARS CD
1.37%$10k$5m1 Year CDARS CD
1.37%$10k$5m1 Year Business CDARS CD
0.98%$5k-9 Month Yield Pledge CD
0.98%$1,500-9 Month Business CD
0.88%$1k-9 Month Basic CD
0.85%$5k-6 Month Yield Pledge CD
0.85%$1,500-6 Month Business CD
0.80%$5k-3 Month Yield Pledge CD
0.80%$1,500-3 Month Business CD
0.75%$1k-6 Month Basic CD
0.70%$1k-3 Month Basic CD
0.68%$10k$5m6 Month CDARS CD
0.68%$10k$5m6 Month Business CDARS CD
0.66%$10k$5m3 Month CDARS CD
0.66%$10k$5m3 Month Business CDARS CD

EverBank IRA Rates

2.30%$5k-5 Year Yield Pledge IRA
2.16%$5k-4 Year Yield Pledge IRA
2.00%$5k-3 Year Yield Pledge IRA
1.81%$5k-2 Year Yield Pledge IRA
1.67%$5k-1.5 Year Yield Pledge IRA
1.65%$5k-2.5 Year Yield Pledge IRA
1.60%$5k-1 Year Yield Pledge IRA
0.98%$5k-9 Month Yield Pledge IRA
0.85%$5k-6 Month Yield Pledge IRA
0.80%$5k-3 Month Yield Pledge IRA

EverBank is an Internet only bank and does not have branch locations. Its headquarters is located at 501 Riverside Ave. - Jacksonville, FL 32202