Rental Agreement

General Rental Agreement:

SF Limo Express Inc. thanks you for choosing us for your ground transportation needs.
The below agreement acts as a contract between us – the supplier, and you – the customer.

Airport Reservations

1. Overtime
Pick-ups TO the airport : Pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of pre-arranged time described on the run sheet.
Pick-ups FROM the airport : 30 minutes of free time for domestic arrivals, and 1 hour for international flight arrivals.
Additional time is billed in quarter hour increments (15 minutes) for Sedan & SUV services. The Hour. Specialty vehicles are calculated at their respective hourly rate.

2. Airport Pick-up procedure – Please note that the “DEFAULT” pick-up procedure is “CURBSIDE”


Curbside Domestic Arrival : You MUST call once you are ready with all luggage and members of your party at the curbside. Please notify either dispatch at 415-990-6364 or your assigned chauffeur which door number you are at once ready.
Curbside International Arrival : You MUST call once you are ready for pick-up at the “LIMOUSINE STAND” which is located at arrivals level directly across the street from door #3 international arrivals.

Meet & Greet Domestic Arrival : Your chauffeur will meet you at baggage claim with your name prominently displayed on a sign at the time of flight arrival.
Meet & Greet International Arrival : Your chauffeur will meet you at the customs exit with your name prominently displayed on a sign 20 minutes after flight arrival.

In the event that you are unable to connect with your chauffeur, you must contact our office at +1-415-990-6364 for assistance in locating your chauffeur. If not attempt is made to connect with your chauffeur you may be subject to a “No-Show” status of your reservation as outlined in Section 9 of this agreement.

3. Hourly Charters
Charters are billed at their respective hourly rate per vehicle. Please note that your charter will begin at the time requested. Pick-ups outside of 10 miles of San Francisco base will be charged “garage to garage”. Hourly charters are subject to minimum hour charges which vary on vehicle & service type. Minimum hourly charge for in San Francisco Sedan services is 2 hours.
Minimum hourly charge of outside of San Francisco Sedan services is 3 hours.
Minimum hourly charge for SUV services is 3 hours.
Minimum hourly charge for Bus & Specialty vehicles is 4 hours.

If your flight or service is between the hours of 11pm and 4:30am you may be subject to a +$20 late night fee for sedan & SUV services.

  1. Cancellation Policy

    SEDAN & SUV : Cancellations of service less than two (2) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time for services within the San Francisco and four (4) hours outside of San Francisco.

24 hour minimum cancellation for all services abroad will be subject to the full charge equal to the base fare and any service charges for the trip.

Sprinter, Minibus, Coach & Specialty Vehicles : Cancellation within less than 5 days will be subject to 100% charge of the reservation. If the vehicle is able to be re-booked for the date that your charter was to take place, we will refund the full amount of the cost to you. All charters that fall under this category will be subject to a $200 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. These deposits are taken due to the high cost of purchase & operation of these specialty vehicles.

In the event that you cannot locate your chauffeur you must call our office at 415-990-6364 (available 24/7) to avoid a “No Show” charge which is equal to the base fare and any service charges for the trip. 

SF Limo Express is not liable for passenger flight’s that are missed, cancelled, diverted, delayed or any other incident which results in failure to comply with the cancellation policy. While we do understand that incidents may arise where it is not due to the customer’s fault for these situations, we would also like the customer to understand that SF Limo Express has dedicated the requested vehicle to the customer’s requested time and service and unavailable for other bookings. In situations arising from cancellations and re-bookings, SF Limo Express Inc. will do it’s best to fulfill the clients’ needs without detriment to other reserved clients. SF Limo Express terms and conditions may be changed at any time without notice therof, by updating this agreement.

5. Payments
All deposits are non refundable. Full payment will be taken up to 72 hours for any specialty vehicle charters, buses or services totaling more than $250. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to any of SF Limo Express’ vehicles caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. Sanitation fee for any interior damage will be $250-$1000 but may be more depending on severity of damage. Any refund or change to agreed service rates will have to be agreed to in writing by SF Limo Express Inc. which will then provide a refund or adjustment within 7 working business days. SF Limo Express requires extreme privacy with all credit card information and passenger information.

6. Questions & Concerns
Any questions or concerns can be answered by calling our office at 415-990-6364 or by e-mailing us at
We will do our best in answering any questions and explaining any airport procedures, or offering recommendations to the best of our ability.
If any portion of this Rental Agreement is unclear please contact our office. Usage of our services is an agreement to adhere to these Terms & Conditions and to assume full financial responsibility for the duration of your service.

  1. Late Night & Early Morning
    If your service or pick-up time is between the hours of 11:00pm – 4:30am you may be subject to a “LATE/EARLY” fee of $20-$30 depending on location of your pick-up.
  2. Availability of Vehicles

In periods of high demand or in the event of SF Limo Express’ vehicles are not able to perform a scheduled run on time due to mechanical failure, traffic delays or any other reason which may impede the ability for SF Limo Express to provide an on time pick-up, SF Limo Express reserves the right to sub-contract the service to one of our approved affiliate partners. All affiliate partners that work with SF Limo Express have been screened to provide he same level of service in regards to vehicle age, condition and any chauffeur or staff vetting processes. SF Limo Express maintains all affiliate insurance records on file and will only sub-contract (and will only receive sub-contracted work) from companies that are fully licensed, permitted and insured.

  1. “No-Show” Policy

In the event that you are unable to be at your scheduled pick-up location, or are unable to locate your chauffeur for any reason, you must contact our 24 hour dispatch at +1-415-990-6364 to inform our staff. If no contact is made then this will be considered a “No-Show” and is subject to the full cost of the service. If you have had a missed connection or change in flight you MUST contact our dispatch at +1-415-990-6364 to notify us immediately to make alternative arrangements. If you select to change flights to an earlier or later flight in the event of an airport service you must contact us and notify us of the change.

Thank you for choosing SF Limo Express Inc. for all of your ground transportation needs.

  1. Tolls & Airport Fees

Bridge tolls & Airport fees will be billed at respective rates when a vehicle must cross a bridge to reach the service location. Airport fees are billed by the airports we service via transponder affixed to vehicles. These fees will show up as “Airport Fee” in your confirmation.

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